Orioles fans remember Mike Flanagan

The Orioles and all of us will miss Mike Flanagan, who spent more than 20 years with the club as a Cy Young Award-winning pitcher, coach, executive and broadcaster.

“In over a quarter century with the organization, Flanny became an integral part of the Orioles family, for his accomplishments both on and off the field,” Orioles managing partner Peter Angelos said.

“His loss will be felt deeply and profoundly by all of us with the ballclub and by Orioles fans everywhere who admired him. On behalf of the club, I extend my condolences to his wife Alex and daughters Kerry, Kathryn and Kendall.”

Please feel free to leave your comments below and join others as we mourn the passing and celebrate the life and memories of a longtime member of this organization.



  1. L.B.

    Even though I have no connection to the state and have never lived in Maryland, I’ve been a tried-and-true O’s fan all my life. I cried when Flanny threw the last strike at Memorial Stadium. I cried even harder when I heard of his passing that night after the game on MASN. As someone else remarked, “I’ve never cried as much for someone I never even met.” For some reason, whether it was on the mound, in the front office, or as a broadcaster, knowing Flanny was there always seemed to make things better – you knew everything was in the competent hands of someone who learned and believed in “the Oriole Way.” I’ll certainly miss his dry wit and insight on the O’s broadcasts, and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Flanny. And know that people who never had the opportunity to thank you and shake your hand in person, thought the world of you.

  2. Paul M Hucik 2nd

    We all miss you Mike. I have been a orioles fan my whole life since 1989 when I was born. I did not have the privilege to see Flanny play, but I sure did enjoy hearing about his greats. He was one of my favorite broadcasters for Baltimore, along with Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey, & Jim Hunter. Now, its time for ‘us’ to continue building and taking further steps forward for the future. Lets win the World Series for Mike, the team, and the city of Baltimore. My heart goes out to the Flanagan family. I know this is really rough, but be strong and hang in there. I’m sure he is in a better place. Love to all, Paul Hucik 2nd, Middle River, Md

  3. Danny

    I’ve been an Oriole fan since ’64.Mike Flanagan was a great ballplayer and an even better person.Players like Flanny,Brooks,Boog,Cal.Elrod and on and on not only loved the game and their team,But the city they played in.Baltimore and the Orioles have lost a part of their family.God Bless Mike’s family.Flanny may you rest in peace.

  4. GBF

    Orioles are not just a baseball team. For decades, the Birds have brought together fathers, sons, mothers and daughters in support of a group of people who left their all on the field for their fans and for each other. The hard work and commitment displayed by those who put on the orange and black every day is an example for not just aspiring baseball players, but for everyone else out there.

    Losing Flanny is nothing short of losing a family member. It serves us as a grim reminder that no matter how hard things get in these tough times, it is never too late or too far gone, and you are never alone. The Orioles family is as large as it is close, and includes every fan who stuck with the O’s all these years, through thick and thin. The outpouring of support is just an example of how close this family is.

    Flanny, we will all miss you. You live on in our hearts and our minds. I am too young to have seen Mike Flanagan pitch, but I will always remember his unique voice and sense of humor in broadcast booth.

    Go O’s! Regardless of wins and losses, and regardless of where we are in October, it is this sense of community and family that can never be taken away.

  5. Brad C

    I saw Mike in the minors, and the majors. That minor league team began the reason I became an Oriole fan back in the 1970’s…….I have stayed with them through all of the ups and downs. I only get to Camden Yards once a year, but the Oriole organization seems like family. I love the way the former palyers come around for autographs and even hang around permanently like Boog Powell. I was not fortunate enough to meet Flanny, but thank him profusely for years of exciting baseball and helping to the World Series Championship to Baltimore…..Rest in Peace Flanny…..

  6. Lenny Mancini

    I cried with the rest of the fans as Mike closed Memorial Stadium. He epiitomized what is meant by the term crafty lefty. He was a cerebral pitcher. I just loved to watch him work the hitters.
    Later a got a chance to talk with Mike when he was GM. It was at one of the early season luncheons. He was very cordial as we talked about the O’s chances for the season. it’s odd but he struck me as being a little shy.
    I was given his jersey as a retirement gift. He signed it and wished me the best. It is one of most treasured possesions.
    Mikes loss leaves us all bewildered, confused and wondering what he could have been thinking to do such an act. I feel especially sad for his family.

  7. Steve Jenkins

    By chance, about 25yrs ago, I had the pleasure of spending an hour or so talking with Mike Flanagan. A hawk flew into his window and I was lucky enough to get the call to fix it. What I remember most isn’t his many winning achievements; it’s what I learned of his character. There was never one ounce of… “I’m a celebrity and your not”. He was more than happy to pull out albums, show pictures, and talk about going fishing at Codorus. Talking with him was like visiting a neighbor. To his family and friends, I offer sinsere sympathy.

  8. Richard Barton

    Mike came to me years ago to talk about his great interest in fly fishing the Big Gunpowder Falls River. I was the park manager at that time and was very interested in what Mike and some other anglers had to offer. He was humble, down-to-earth, knowledgeable and friendly. I never met a better park visitor. I always admired him for his grace on the field. After our several encounters about fishing, I admired him as a man.

  9. Kevin Funk

    My sympathies go out to the Flanagan family as well as all of Flanny’s friends, teamates, and fans. Flanny was truly one of a kind and left his mark on the Orioles as a Cy Young/All Star pitcher, coach, executive, and broadcaster.

    I wish I had the chance to meet Flanny in person and thank him for all his contributions to the Orioles and the city of Baltimore.

    Here’s to you #46, you were truly an original!

  10. David Kunst

    I was the home team batboy when Mike played for the Rochester Red Wings in 1975. Mikes locker stall was just 2 away from mine. Let me tell you, he was a great and funny guy. The Wings had a great team in ’75 so there was always alot of laughing and kidding around in the clubhouse. Mike was 13-4 that season. He was way too good to be pitching at AAA but the O’s were loaded with talent in those days. One of the funniest memories I have of that season was a prank that Flanny and Jim Hutto played on me. They started a rumor around the clubhouse that I was chosen to be the All-Star batboy for the All-Star game which was being held in Memphis (Blues) that year. They talked about it so much I actually belived them. Flanny was chosen to pitch in the game. Just as soon as they had me all hyped up, the whole clubhose cracked up and soon I realized I’d been had. I feel great for having known him for that one great season. My deepest condolances go out to Mike’s family and closest friends.

  11. Joel

    Remember his cy young year and his competetive edge. What anticipation to see this man pitch and the Orioles win.I was 19 years old then and now Im 51.Where have the old school players such as Mike Gone? I was Saved at the age of 24 and been preaching and Pastoring an Old time Baptist Church since 1989. I didnt know Mike personally but Baltimore baseball was a big part of my life growing up. Hebrews 12:2 says Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. May God ever speak peace to your hearts through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  12. Bill Jamison


  13. Richard Clement,Sr.

    As an O’s fan for 46 years,it hurts to lose any of our past players. But losing Flanny was really devestating in it’s suddeness. Not too many people make me laugh. Flanny did. Really gone to miss him

  14. Patricia Youmans

    As I settled in for the evening to watch the O’s play, I never knew what to expect–not from the O’s but from Mike and Gary as they bantered back and forth. They lifted my spirit, and they made me laugh. Mike with his wry sense of humor and Gary following his lead, had me laughing all night long. Now, it’s just not the same. I miss Mike for what he did as a player and as an analyst very, very much. May God bless his family. With my deepest sympathy, Pat Youmans

  15. Mary Drennen

    I enjoyed listening to him do the games on MASN. His sense of humor when talking about the O’s was priceless. Beyond being a pitcher and announcer, Flanny was family…. You know Oriole family, like Cal, Palmer, Dempsey, Boog and Brooks. He devoted his whole life to the organization. He was in our homes via television while he was a player and again when he became an announcer. I really do miss his commentary about the O’s. He was so insightful as to what was going on with the players and the game. To Flanny, you were the best and you will be miss and to his family, my sincere condolences.

  16. Michael Rudnick

    The year that Flanny was recovering from his achilles tendon injury, My wife and I had taken the kids to the State Fair. We stopped at a Friendly’s afterword. And who was sitting at a table across and one down from us, Mike and his wife and, I think at that time he had 2 little girls. I told my kids and wife it was Mike Flanagan. They wanted to go over, but I told them no, he needed his private time with his family, I remember seeing his healing ankle and how bruised it still was. Flanny and I are only a month apart in age, and at that time we were both still young men.
    After the meal ended, I got up, nodded at him and he at me. My regret is that I didn’t let the kids go over and talk to him.
    I always identified with him, and his passing hit me harder then I ever thought it would. I miss him.

  17. Zoe O'Brien

    I am a lifelong O’s fan and enjoyed watching Flanny pitch. However, my favorite memory of him is a photo of him holding his infant daughter, Kerry, in his pitching glove. The absolute joy in his face as he gazed at this beautiful baby was such a difference from the fierce pitcher who stared down batters. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He was one of the good ones..

  18. Ron Stitely

    I was in Memorial Stadium in April 1954 to see the Orioles defeat the White Sox with Bob Turley on the mound so I have been an Oriole fan for fifty-seven years and have stuck with them through the glory years and the disappointing years. Mike Flangan & Dave McNally were two of the classiest left handers that ever took the mound for the Baltimore Orioles. Now, they are both pitching in heaven and enjoying life forever with there LORD & savior. GOD be with Alex and her three daughters during this very difficult time.

  19. Carol Culp

    I became an Oriole fan after Mike Flanagan no longer played. I very much miss his commentary on the Oriole games. His pleasant personality was evident and shown through as well as his knowledge and love of baseball.

  20. john reynolds

    The first game of the 79′ world series: Mike pitched an unbelievably courageous game- and we were off to a roaring start, unfortunately the team would go on to lose in seven games to Pittsburgh. I still believe that team to be superior to the 83′ champions- and I’ve often wondered if Mike had pitched the last game of the 82′ season and if he had faced the Brewer’s Don Sutton. Alas, Palmer pitched and to this day I still believe that he deliberately threw that last game in some sort of perverse revenge against Weaver. But Mike was the best and I know had he pitched; we would have been in the World Series in 1982…God Bless you- and may flights of angels guide you to your rest…

  21. Dianna Whitby

    I promised my then 4 year old son that we would go to an Orioles game in 1983. After looking at the schedule, in May, I decided that the White Sox series would be perfect, because the Sox would be out of the pennant race by then. Flanny was the pitcher that day….if Memorial Stadium wasn’t a sell-out, it was pretty darn close. Just a nice memory of a mother & son outing.

  22. Emily C

    When there was a Friendly’s in Cockeysville in the 80’s, many of the Orioles and the Blast came there to eat. I had the privilege to wait on Mike many times. I still remember what he ordered – it never varied. He was gracious and lacked the ego trip some felt they had to display when being waited on. I also spent many summer evenings at Memorial Stadium and watching Flanny pitch. Those were special days in Orioles history. I am blessed that they are a part of my memory bank. That was a lifetime ago but I still cherish those memories and always will.

    My heart aches for his wife, children, and all who have been touched by the man and his legacy. Flanny will be missed by many. Rest in peace.

  23. Kitty

    My heart is still heavy with grief. Mike Flanagan was truly a very special human being, and I shall always remember him. I send my love and prayers to his wife and children that they may be graced by God with strength and courage to cope with their sadness and pain during this very difficult time. May Flanny be wrapped in the arms of Christ and Rest in His Peace.

  24. Wayne Kaiser

    I haven’t read through all of the comments about Flanny’s death so I may be repeating some things expressed by friends from Section 34. Mike was the only Oriole who attended the memorial service for Wild Bill Hagy at the Sports Legends Museum in October of 2007. He floored the gathering of mostly Section 34 (Memorial Stadium) alumni with his revelation that the cheers emanating from Bill’s legion in ’34’, which spread throughout the stadium, had an actual, palpable effect on the team to the point where they knew they were going to win ragardless of the current game situation. The fact that he unexpectedly showed up was enough of a gesture for everyone there, but his comments endeared us to him forever.

    About a year later, I was honored to accept the Orioles’ Hall of Fame Award on behalf of our departed friend. Flanny was the MC of the luncheon in the Warehouse and introduced me. We had an opportunity to chat for a while prior to the ceremonies, along with Dave Trembley. I admire him so much and only wish there could have been an alternative for him. I am confident that the Oriole family and community of fans would have embraced him to see him through whatever problems with which he might have been dealing.

    It is a very sad thing that has happened. I pray for his family that God will help them through this tragedy.

    Wayne (Insane Wayne) Kaiser

    • john reynolds

      Dear Wayne, God! That is so great to know- Flanagan the “only” Oriole to show up at Wild Bill’s memorial. I’ve been to a lot of great sports events in my life; but I have never heard a stadium crowd more roaring, than the seventh game of the 79′ series when Hagy stood on the Orioles dugout to lead the fans cheering..That remains one of my most imperishable memories. It’s so fitting for you to connect that with Mike Flanagan. Thanks… John Reynolds

  25. Monty

    I have been an Orioles fan for the last 50 some years and remember the great days. I was a Baltimore policeman who worked many games at Memorial Stadium in the 70s and 80s. The players I remember most as just normal (aka great) guys to talk with while we were waiting for roll call from Lt. Farace are; Cal Ripken, Scott MacGregor, Elrod Hendricks and Mike Flanagan. Thet always talked to us like they knew we meant something

  26. Rose Marie Young

    I moved to Baltimore in 1971. One of my great joys has been Orioles baseball. I was here for the Glory days and I have been a faithful supporter through the not so Glory days. The reason for my loyalty has been the integrity and classy men who have played for the Orioles and there have been many. Flanny was one of those men. He represented all that was and is good about this organization. He ranks with Brooksie, Frank, Boog, Jim, Mark Belanger, the Ripken family, Rick Dempsey, and all the others. I have spent so many wonderful afternoon and evenings watching these great players doing what they loved. But more important is the joy I took in watching them be great people that not only represented us so well on the field but the many hours they spent giving of themselves to the many demands on their time in the Baltimore community. They lived in the communities as regular people going about the business of raising their families. And they did it with such class!!!! They were and are true role models for the young people who look up to them with such adoration.
    I want to thank Flanny for being one of those great men!! I will so miss his wonderful sense of humor as he broadcast the games. I will miss just seeing him around Camden Yards. He is now up there watching over his beloved Orioles!!!
    Yes God needed a crafty left hander for His team in Heaven.

  27. Don Douglas

    As a long-time Orioles fan I am deeply saddened by the passing of Flanny. If Alex, and the girls moniter the blogs, my deepest condolences go out to them. I met Flanny, and his lovely family several years ago at an Orioles luncheon, or some other
    function. He seemed to be quite nice, fan friendly, and shares the same wit, and dry sense of humor as I do. May he rest in peace!


    Don Douglas

    • Ozzie Hewick

      Don, I’ve been an Orioles fan since 1973. I’ve seen many great pitchers, but Mike Flanagan was my favorite one (its hard to believe he’s gone)!!! But what you said in your statement was truly profound. I can see him pitching to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and many more in his Field of Dreams. Great words Don, form a TRUE Oriole fan, Ozzie Hewick !!!!!!!!

  28. controlvoice1023

    Another great loss for the Orioles Family, Flanny, you will be missed very dearly as you will join all the other Baltimore Birds who have departed like Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar, Ralph Salvon, Hank Bauer, Mark Belanger, Luis Aparicio, Chuck Thompson, Bill O’Donnell, Elrod Hendricks, Edward Bennett Williams, Cal Ripken, Sr., Moe Drabowsky, may they all be in their “Field Of Dreams” in Oriole Heaven.

  29. Randy & Gail Blevins

    To Mike Flanagan…you will be remembered and missed. May you rest in peace. Condolences to your family and friends.

  30. Lois Provenza Caschetta

    I loved four men in my life with two being my hero’s and the love of my life and the other two, one being in the music business and the other being in baseball. My hero’s were by dad and husband and the other two men were Elvis Presley and Mike Flanagan. I was lucky enough to see Elvis in concert once and I don’t know how many Oriole games my husband & I attended, but I always tried to pick the one’s Flanny was pitching. Of all the Orioles,Flanny was my all time favorite Oriole and he was the last one to go. I can only imagine those four together in heaven. RIP Flanny

  31. Marilyn Carr

    May his soul rest in peace and may his family find peace in the love if the many fans who will miss him. My prayers go out to you.

  32. Go Tigers!

    Tiger fan through and through here, but I remember when the Orioles were one of the strongest teams in the AL back in the late 70’s with that great pitching staff. Flanagan was a big part of it. Always sad to see one of the guys from that era pass. I hope the O’s get back on track and start to make life miserable for the always hated Yankees and Red Sox.

  33. Jim C.

    I will miss Mike. I remember watching the Os my entire life and have fond memories of Mike on the field and on the microphone. I will miss you Flanny

  34. Leona Upton Illig

    My Dad, my sister, and I grew up watching the Orioles, and Mike Flannagan was one of our favorites. Both as a player, and as an announcer, he gave us many happy memories. It is hard to explain how much the Orioles and Flannagan meant to us all—he was there during all the good times and the bad. It’s almost like we lost of a member of our own family. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and we wish them all the best.

  35. John and Bev

    We go way back with Flanny. My husband and I grew up in upstate New York. We went to the Red Wings games and always felt a connections with the Orioles. Since we moved to the Baltimore area, we have always been big fans. Since we are older now, we watch the games on MASN. It was with much sadness when we heard the news of Mike’s passing. Such a great man,he will be greatly missed. Our prayers go out to his family and may his soul rest in peace,

  36. Jim Lyons

    My Little League Baseball team was the Orioles. I was fortunate enough to visit Camden Yards on Cal Ripken Day. I attended Cal’s induction to the Hall of Fame.
    I say this to let the Oriole fans of Mike Flanagan that he will be missed by this baseball fan who was born in New York City. May Mike rest in peace – surely he is playing still on the Field of Dreams.

  37. Cindy

    I have always been an O’s fan and Flanny was one of my heroes while growing up. In the early 80’s, I played Little League baseball. It was tough for a girl-little leaguer back then, but I was good. I remember talking to Flanny at some Orioles event and he told me not to worry about anyone else; to play my game and let my game speak for me. After that, I modeled my pitching motion after him and had a very successful Little League career.

    He was a great player, executive, broadcaster and man and he will be missed by all in Baltimore.

  38. June

    I never met Mike Flanagan, but having been an Orioles fan all my life, he seemed like “part of the family” as all the players, managers, and MASN announcers do. I thought of him over last weekend after knowing he would have been working the Yankees games – he would have been so proud of those games we won! My condolences to his family, both immediate and baseball, he will be missed. Rest in Peace Mike – you brought so much joy to so many!!!

  39. Michael Smith

    My favorite memory of Flanny is the last day of the 1991 season at Memorial Stadium. Gregg Olson took the mound in the top of the 9th but it was only so Johnny Oates could go to the mound and bring Flanny in. And even though it was the last game of a horrible season, Flanny pitched like it was game 7 of the World Series. 3 men up…3 men down. The ovation he received still rings in my ear! R.I.P. Flanny. You were a class act.

  40. Jim Ewing

    I was so sad when i heard that Flanny passed away. My niece use to baby sit for his daughters. He let us use his condo in Bethany Beach. I will miss seeing him broadcast the orioles games on T V Rest in peace Flanny I miss you Jim E

  41. Maddie (@maddielulu2)

    I’ve been an O’s fan since I went to my first game when I was 3 years old. The game of baseball always fascinated me… the crowds, the passion for the game, walk-off wins, the 7th inning stretch, but most importantly the personality of the players. Players have many different personalities between growing a beard for the World Series, arguing with the umps, or how kind you are off the field. Mike Flanagan was such a kind, caring, and giving person. I cried when I heard. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, children, and the rest of his family. Flanny will be missed very much by everyone. R.I.P. Flanny. God Bless.

  42. Jody Marie

    I think I waited so long to post here, because I found it difficult to learn and accept news of his passing. He was someone I admired and cared about……when the news broke, I found myself in a bit of denial and instantly, I thought of his family. I pray they find continued comfort, love, and support through all of this.

    Flanny is one of the Orioles that are most sentimental to me, he is greatly missed. Along with others, whenever I heard his name or thought of him, I felt LOVE of the game as well, as for him. He was MOST CERTAINLY part the classiest breed of Orioles Baltimore will ever come to know. He will forever be revered as one of the greatest baseball players that ever lived!

    I will miss you VERY much Michael Flanagan. Rest In Peace. Thank you for making Baseball one of my greatest loves of my life.

  43. Madonna

    He was one of my favorite players, especially during the wonderful 1979 season, and my absolute favorite baseball announcer. My sympathy and prayers go to his wife and children as well as to his Orioles’ family.

  44. terrygee1959

    i noticed the letter about 1983, when mike started out 5 -0, hurt his knee but then came back with some very gutsy pitching to help the O’s down the stretch. i believe mike’s injury opened a spot for mike boddicker. If so, that would be fitting. who else could help a team win a world series by getting a serious injury at mid-season, opening a spot for a new star and then coming back and pitching great at the end of the season. boddicker and flanagan’s wins in games 2 and 3 of the ALCS turned that series around. mike flanagan ranks at the top level with the greats who created Oriole Magic.

  45. Bob Pedersen

    Mike Flanagan epitomized the overachieving Orioles of the late 1970s and early 1980s. As a team, they were smart, dedicated, highly competitive, and their results generally exceeded how they looked “on paper.” Except for maybe Jim Palmer, who had an exceptional amount of God-given talent, the pitchers regularly posted better results than guys who had better “stuff,” especially velocity. Mike Flanagan was also a warrior who wanted the ball, whether he was 100% healthy or not. Two visuals I will long remember from Memorial Stadium: Flanagan and the other pitchers thoroughly enjoying pre-game pepper (a snippet is in the tribute video), and Flanagan coming out of the bullpen to pitch in the final game at the old ballpark. Rest in peace, Flanny. Thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  46. Governor Dave

    Flanny, RIP. I hope the O’s family and your own family, in time can deal with the loss my heart goes out to all of you. Thanks for the memories #46.

  47. Karen

    Godspeed & thanks for the memories, Flanny….you will always have a special place in this O’s fan’s heart, may your demons be gone & you rest in peace…..thoughts & prayers to your wife & daughters

  48. Gerk

    Condolences to the Flanagan family. I hope they find some comfort in the warm words for Flanny on this page and elsewhere.

    Oriole fan from the Netherlands.

  49. Philip Schultz

    Mike will remembered as a great pitcher,like Dave McNally,Mike Cuellar,Pat Dobson&Jim Harden.Orioles fans will miss them all.

  50. Theresa R.

    Mike was always one of my favorites. For a time I worked in the Warehouse, in the section that holds the Oriole offices, but on a different floor. I always hoped I’d meet him in the elevator, but I never did. I even told the lobby security guard to tell Mike hello from me and that he was my favorite former player. Now at least my Mom and Dad will get to watch better baseball games in heaven. Can you imagine the great teams they must have up there? Still love ‘ya, Mike.

  51. Paul Miller

    I trully loved to watch what Mike could do on the mound as part of a rotation no one will ever forget. They were some of the best to ever throw a baseball. I also loved to watch Mike do the current O’s games on tv. No matter how bad the team may have been doing, his wit at least gave you something to enjoy. Like the game where he showed how a foul ball into the booth just missed him and stuck into the wall behind him, so he signed and dated it. My sadness goes out to his family, and the rest of the Orioles fans who are mourning this loss. We will all miss him greatly. Rest in peace #46.

  52. Jim Taylor

    Lifelong O’s fans like me were privileged to get to witness a professional like Mike. He was always unflappable on the mound and exuded confidence to those around him. I will never forget how the playful dugout antics of McGregor and Flanagan kept the team loose. He will be missed but never forgotten. Above all, I wish to express my condolence to his wife and daughters. Thanks for the memories, Mike!

  53. Thomas Paul

    I loved to watch him pitch but being a Yankee fan I hated when he pitched against us. He was a class act all the way and even those of us who weren’t Oriole fans remember him fondly. I am so sorry for his family. My family and I wish to express our deepest condolences.

  54. Becky Downing

    Mike Flanagan was a true ambassador for not only Orioles baseball, but the entire game. He was warm and friendly and adored his wife and girls with every breath.My husband and I met Mike through business but he soon became a friend. He loved talking about the game and it’s golden days, but never wanted to discuss his own accolades. He treated people genuinely. His family is suffering from this agonizing tragedy but must take solace in the fact that he was an outstanding person, over and above not only most athletes, but people in general. His family had to share him with us, because he treated people so genuinely. That’s why we all share this hurt so deeply. May God heal the Flanagan family.

  55. Nancy Russo Blakeley

    I have been an Oriole fan since birth (1961). My Dad was Jim Russo, longtime scout and assistant general manager of the O’s. He retired in 1987. Flanny was always one of my dad’s very favorite Oriole players. When talking about Mike Cuellar and Mike Flanagan he would always say ” they aren’t pitchers, they’re artists”. I feel so bad for Mike’s family, but I also feel bad for the organization because they have lost the last remaining member of the organization who could truly say they know what it means to live “the Oriole way”. This team will not regain its former glory unless they go back to the “Oriole Way”. But in order to do that they need people who truly know what that means. Flanny knew what it meant. He played the Oriole way and he lived the Oriole way. I will never forget watching the ’79 and ’83 series. They broke my heart in “79 but Flanny could not have pitched better. I will never forget going to Camden Yards with my family in September of 2003. The Orioles had just instituted a Scout of the Year Award and had named it for my dad. We got to go onto the field that night for the award presentation and of course Mike was there to participate. He was so kind and gracious to my children and nephews, giving out autographs and talking to them about their Grandfather. My dad passed away from heart failure 5 months later. I will be forever grateful to Flanny for giving an Old Oriole the thrill of his lifetime.
    RIP Flanny and know that you were revered and will always be missed.

  56. Stanley Jordan

    A true Oriole that will be remembered and sorely be missed.I am so greatfull to see him pitch, and loved listening to him when he talked about the orioles you could see the passion in his voice and his work He will be true legend and I hope his family will now know he will be looking over them.

  57. Frank Shelton, Sr.

    To the Flanagan Family,

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the entire Flanagan family. May God grant you strength during this very difficult time. I want you to know I truly admired Mike Flanagan, both on and off the field. He was consummate professional in everything he did. He (Mike) is truly one of the icons of his day. A very crafty left hander with a God-given talent. I truly believe the Orioles organization and baseball will not be the same without him. You just knew how how much he loved the game and his endearing fans. I know that he is in a better place. I will always remember his number and think of him whenever I see 46.

  58. B. Mort

    Yes, he will be sorely missed in the broadcast booth by us fans at home.
    My best to his family and may he R.I.P. finally.

  59. louis

    Watched him pitched in chicago.Being from chicago and growing up a orioles fan.I would always go to old comisky park and watch all the batting practice.Flanagan pitched a game I would see to see Earl Weaver come out of the dugout and argue with the umps was a show to watch! We loved you in chicago.Thanks for the memmories Flanny. You are all ready missed!!

  60. slambias67

    I am a huge baseball fan and the loss of Mike Flanagan has an affect on all of us baseball fans. It is rare today to see a player spend as long of a time as he did with the O’s organization. From his Cy Young award to laughter in the broadcast booth, Flanny left his mark with this game. It saddens me on how he left us.Thank you Oriole fans for sharing your memories and love of not only a great player, but a great person.

  61. Mark Lessard

    I am one of the few O’s fans in Rhode Island and have been since the late 60’s. When dicussing the great pitchers we have had in the past Mike Flanagan is always mentioned. I’ve had the honor of seeing him pitch for which I am grateful. I know you are at peace now but I sure do wish you were still with us. RIP Mike.

  62. Eric Beal

    Love the O’s and I love Mike Flanagan. It’s been a week or so now and I’m still in disbelief. My. prayers go out to his family. Thanks for all the memories Flanny.

  63. Bob

    # 46 will always be remembered in the hearts of all Oriole fans. Mike gave his all to make this one of the best franchises in the world. He will surely be missed as a player and broadcaster. My prayers go out to his family and many friends that he made in Baltimore. You will surely be missed!

  64. Vicki Koch

    Flanny was a throw back to the good ol’ days of Oriole Magic. Baltimore and the baseball community lost a true idol of grace, humor and heart as evidence by the many heartfelt comments. The “good old days” are just that because of players like Mike Flanagan. Blessings to his family, friends and fellow ballplayers. May you rest in peace #46.

  65. Mike McCarthy

    Still can’t get over the news of Mike’s passing. My sincere condolences to all of his family and friends.I’ve been an O’s fan since 1960 and growing up in western Massachusetts I was surrounded by mostly Red Sox and Yankee fans. I was always glad I picked the Orioles and I still am.If there was one thing that stood out in all their great teams from the mid-60’s to the mid 80’s it was pitching and Mike was one of the best.R.I.P. Mike and I hope you can look down some day soon and see a rebirth of “the Oriole way”.

  66. Sharon Vale

    There are not too many retired ballplayers that have endeared themselves in the hearts of their fans. Flanny is one of the few. His work ethic, dedication to the sport,and love of baseball and family should be something that the ballplayers of today need to follow. He was tryly a class act. We will miss you Flanny. Rest in Peace.

  67. Pat

    Who can forget T9 in the last game at Memorial Stadium?
    #46 personified the Oriole Way and he was a gentleman to the nth degree.
    Flanny was one of the good guys and we will miss him greatly.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Flanagan family.

  68. Larry McCall

    Mike was a good man, played with Mike in Asheville N.C. , was a outstanding pitcher there, worked with him when he was pitching coach with Orioles, and worked for him when he was a G.M. Always wanted the best for the Orioles, too bad he didn,t get help from someone about his problems, will be missed as a person and friend, Probaly in a better place, Lord help his family, Larry Mccall

  69. Mike S.


    I remember watching you in my early teens , you awesome pitcher that was back
    when the Orioles gelled together as a team there was so much talent. I thought you
    was a great GM in the front office I also liked watching as sports announcer with Jim
    Palmer. Mike every time I saw you had a baseball in your hand teaching on the air.
    Flanny you will be solely missed. Also my thoughts and prayers go out to the Flanagan family.

  70. Kerry Mark Leibowitz

    Mike Flanagan was a terrific ballplayer, but I’ll remember him for the fine person he was. I was lucky enough to converse with him at some length on a number of occasions over the last six or seven years. That he took the time to do this is an illustration of his generosity as he stood to tangibly benefit not at all.

    As difficult a time as I’ve had with what happened, I can’t begin to imagine what it’s been like for the member of his family. To them I offer my feeble, but sincere, condolences.


  71. Meg Goldsmith

    I was fortunate enough to spend some time talking to Mike in his office in the Warehouse on a couple of occasions. He was always generous with his time to the small group of Orioles fans I spend time with. During one of those meetings in his office, I’d heard that the Yankees had lost their game earlier in the day. When I mentioned that to Mike, he smiled. Of course he aleady knew this since he had several TV’s tuned into games all over the country in his office. But I asked him if he felt the same way I did–that any day the Yankees lose is a good day–and he said he felt exactly the same way.

    It’s hard to believe that Mike is no longer with us. Like Craig, i keep hoping this is just a bad dream but I know that it isn’t. My biggest hope is that Mike’s family and close friends can remember his sense of humor, his caring for others, and all the good times they spent with him.

  72. Dennis Mattes Sr.

    ’79 and ’83,the greatest seasons in baseball for me,and Mike Flannigan was a major part of the memories,thanks Mike,rest in peace.

  73. Tom Gaumont

    My condolences to the Flanagan family. I followed Mike’s baseball career since his day playing at South Little League in his hometown of Manchester, NH. He was one of many excellent players from Manchester who participated in several Babe Ruth and Legion World Series tournaments; going to the national finals at least four times if my recollection is correct. He also was a clutch basketball player who helped lead Manchester Memorial H.S. to two state champions. Mike seemed to be the go to guy in both sports; the guy you wanted on the mound or at the free-throw line when the game was on the line. Yet I will remember him most for his humility and great sense of humor. Although I didn’t have any classes with him, I shared a homeroom throughout high school with Mike. He never presented an inflated ego, even though he could have with all the attention focused on him. I will remember him for his ability to be human in dealing with his peers, while at the same time taking on the added pressure of being a star high school athlete.

  74. Michael P.

    Flanny, you are one of my all-time favorite Orioles from an era of great Orioles players. I admired your guts and tenacity on the mound. As a little leaguer, I wanted to be like you because you were a lefty like me. I remember your tremendous Cy Young year. I remember when you pitched with that awkward brace on your knee and you won! I remember feeling betrayed by the Orioles organization when you were traded to Toronto, and feeling elated when you returned a few years later. I was thrilled for you, and optimistic again for the Orioles future, when you were hired in the Front Office. I loved watching you on MASN. I couldn’t get enough of your baseball insight, and your folksy, funny banter. To me, you represent the very best of the Orioles franchise. I will miss you terribly. RIP.

  75. Craig Steffen

    Still reeling from this news. I keep thinking I’ll wake up and find out it was just a really bad dream.

    Mike was indeed a generous, accessible, caring and wonderfully witty human being. I had the privilege to spend several hours with Mike over the years just sitting and talking about baseball, the Orioles, his family and the things he loved. I will cherish those memories. Thank you Mike!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Alex and the girls. May the miracle of healing find them quickly and thoroughly.

  76. Peter

    Compared to others on this board, I have not been an Orioles fan for all that long, maybe about 15 years. I know the important place Flanny has in the Orioles 50+ year history, and he was beloved by everyone around him. He is a member of the Orioles Hall of Fame, a former Cy Young Award Winner, and a man who wore many hats over the years. I never got to formally meet him though I did hear him speak many times. My prayers are with his family in this time of need. May his soul carry on and I hope at least that he has found peace.

  77. Mike3505

    I still can’t believe it. Another critical piece of our collective childhoods is gone. It takes me back to a time when the Orioles weren’t just a winning organization, but the team stayed together, for many years. The players got to know each other both on and off the field, which only added to that wonderful team chemistry that we had. My wife had the great pleasure of meeting Mike Flanagan at a store in Dundalk back in the early ’80s, and had the chance to reminisce with him at the 25th reunion of the ’83 World Championship team at Oriole Park a few years back, where he was as witty and as gracious as ever. Sincerest condolences to out to his family, his many friends, and the rest of the extended Orioles family.

  78. Mary L.

    I never met Flanny, but I feel I’ve lost a friend. I wish we all could have given him a hug when he needed it most. I’m just glad to know there’s baseball in Heaven. Rest well, Flanny. We miss you.


  79. bjlange

    I remember imitating Mike Flanagan when I was playing sofeball growing up and I remember watching him pitch during the world Series. He was a great pitcher.

  80. Alaska

    Mike was a classmate in high school. He was then what everyone new about him later in life. A classy guy who treated everyone with respect and his humor.

  81. Sheila

    “What though the radiance which was once so bright
    Be now for ever taken from my sight,
    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind”

    what remains behind is stronger for having had you a part of it Flanny

    my heartfelt prayers and condolences are with your family and “extended family” of the Orioles

  82. Amy Kodeck Wei

    I’m a big believer that you are a fan of the team you are “born” into, like your family, you don’t get to choose the team you back. I’m an Oriole fan from birth and fortunate to have been on board during those classic, golden years when the players lived in our neighborhoods and their kids went to school with our kids. Kind words, autographs, and pictures were freely given. Flanny’s passing last week has the stinging hurt of losing a member of my extended family. I’m newly saddened each time I re-read the news coverage that my son will never get to hear your voice and experience your class, expertise, and wit about baseball.

    As a part of my Oriole family, he will be sorely missed.

  83. Mike hummer

    R.I.P. Mike. I remember pretending I was you when we played wiffle ball in my back yard. I’m really sorry you’re gone. I hope you’ve found peace.
    Mike Hummer

  84. M. Thorn

    I wish the best for all of the Flanagan family, and will keep you all in my prayers as well as those closely affected by this. It tore my heart out the other night to watch my Oriole heroes in Jim Palmer, & Rick Dempsey crying on camera. I’m 22 years old, and I never really got to watch Flanny pitch because he was a little before my time, but I’ve seen the clips, and I know the stats. He was a man that took great pride in being an Oriole and that was very apparent wherever you saw him. Whenever I saw him around the park in the last few years I saw him talking with fans, and I got the privilege to speak with him once. It felt like I was talking to my best friend almost, he was so easy to approach I could not believe it. This is a big loss for the team & the city, and I will never forget Mike Flanagan and the man he was and the legend he has in this town.

  85. Domenic A. Vadala

    I’ll remember Mike Flanagan as one of the star pitchers on the first Oriole teams I remember as a kid. He was both a great pitcher, as well as a great broadcaster. I’ll also remember his quick witted humor anthe genuine manner in which he came across on TV. May God guide his family through this difficult time, and may Flanny rest in peace.

    “Even as I walk in the valley of deah, I fear no evil, for you are with me.” Psalm 23

  86. Kevin Booth

    I will always remember Mike Flanagan not only as a great pitcher,competitor, and athlete but as a great person.I met him several times as a kid at O’s games and he was always there to share his time,sign an autograph and enjoyed every minute of it.The pre-madonnas of today could learn a lot from flanny.He will be deeply missed and I thank him for lots of great memories.We don’t know why this happened but only flanny and God know.My prayers go out to his wife and daughters.Rest in peace 46

  87. Laura, long time O's Fan

    I remember watching Mike and Jim Palmer pitch during the 80’s as a teenager with my family. What a great guy and player he was. He was truly an Oriole all around and he will be missed by us all. God bless his family and friends during this difficult time. We’ll never forget you Flanny.

  88. Patrick Reese

    To the Flanagan Family,
    I am so saddened by your loss of Mike. He and his Oriole teammates provided me with some of my happiest childhood memories. May God Bless Mike and all of you forever. Please remember all of the good times.

    Patrick Reese

  89. Brian

    I am still in shock of Flanny’s passing. I hope his whole family will be ok and know Mike was loved and admired for his great pitching and the people he touched throughout his life. We miss Mike such a great loss to not only his family but his O’s Family. So sorry for your loss Alex.

  90. Paul Z

    Mike Flanagan defined the Orioles when they exemplified the Oriole Way. And he defined what it meant to love the Orioles when they didn’t.

    Goodbye, Flanny. I miss you.

  91. Bob

    The only time that I ever got to see Mike pitch in person was the 2nd game of a labor day DH in 1979. He beat the Blue Jays 5-1 to become a 20 game winner. I am from NJ but an Orioles fan from the 1960’s. Such a shame that he is gone. Prayers are with his family.

  92. Annika Carlson

    To The Flannagen Famliy

    He was a real good player and a pitcher and a good broadcaster too and he will be missed a lot
    From,A Orioles fan
    Annika Carlson

  93. T Savage

    I didn’t become a fan until the year he retired. He was a true Oriole. So sad to hear of his passing. I loved hearing his voice on MASN. He is truly going to be missed. Praying for his family.

  94. barbara goudarzi

    Postscript to what I wrote yesterday:

    Jeremy is right – # 46 should be retired. . .


    Your induction into Cooperstown is long overdue. . .

  95. kirk williams

    Was blessed to be at the 1983 championship and World Series, glad to be a part of the Oriole way. Thankful for the part Mike Flanagan had in it all. Thank You Flanny.

    After reading all of these postings it is evident to me that we need to communicate our Love and Support for each other whenever possible. Our time is short and we need each other. Everyone is important.

    Prayers have been offered and will continue for Mike’s family and Loved ones.

    May God Bless You all with Love,

  96. Michael Kaufmann

    I remember seeing Mike, Scotty, and Jimmy pitching it was great to watching the best at play. Sometimes it worked out sometimes it did not. But you could never tell if they get them upset or not. That is how great of a player they were having fun at work so to speck. I will miss him on the radio. I give my condolences to his family on and off the field that he loved some much. RIP Flanny

  97. Jeff

    He was one of my heroes as a little kid growing up. I loved his calm, smooth, left-handed delivery and always knew he would give his best in any game. I wish he hadn’t done this to himself – people would have helped him. He will be missed.

  98. Suzanne

    As a life long Oriole fan I was fortunate to have grown up in a time when the likes of Mike Flanagan was part of the Oriole Way. He was a class act on and off the field . The citizens of Maryland have lost another one of the good guys .

  99. Tom Ehlers in NC

    Carol, I have read every comment and I had to reply to yours! It is very well said!
    It is so easy to bash the O’s and I get so sick of it! Look what it did to Flanny! Thank you for your writing!

  100. Nora Eldridge

    I enjoyed Mike’s commentary and his dry sense of humor. He knew the game so well and his input added to my enjoyment of watching the O’s. It is so sad that he was not able to share whatever it was that drove him into despondency. Rest in peace, Flanny. You are missed. My deepest condolences to his wife and girls. The love that he held for all of you will always surround you until you are together again.

  101. Collin Craig

    The Loss of Mike Flanagan hits me a little differently, as a third Generation Orioles fan. I can still remember sitting on the couch at the age of 6 or 7 in summer, and watching him pitch, sadly he was at the end of his career then and he still knew how to pitch. I didn’t have as good an awareness of his impact then, as a child–as a pitching coach or a VP of Baseball Operations–but as a fan who listened to games even after I moved to outside Philly, his commentating was amazing. No offense to fans of Jim (Palmer) but Flanny always seemed to have more to say and in a way that made more sense to me. I learned so much of what I know about how the game is played from hearing him commenting on games and it’s something that sticks with me to this day. To see in the recent tribute Afternoon game against the twins all the great comments about him from noted sports writers like Tim Kirkjuan and Peter Gammons, Buster Olney, Cal Ripken Jr., it just really made me feel pride at being an Oriole and to see how much people appreciated HIS (Flanny’s) own personal dedication. It reminds me that we as fans and players are one big family, and makes me wish I was alive (Born just two years after) when the Orioles won their last championship. I only wish I was able to watch MASN when they aired the last game at Memorial Stadium. I certainly hope that I will have a team to sit back and talk about as championship caliber, but I had to throw my two cents in. I’m gonna Miss You Flanny. O-R-I-O-L-E-S!

  102. Michael O'Neill

    Mike, now you know how many loved you and cared about you. Many more than you thought. But you took our silence as a sign that the love and care did not exist; a common mistake. Let this be yet another lesson to us all: that we are to let others know often of your love for them at every opportunity. Do not hold back. Even if it feels awkward.

    We love you Mike and shall always have fond memories of you and the O’s. We shall meet again on the other side. God knew your pain. He is a compassionate God who understood your sorrow.

    We shall continually pray for and support your family.

    In His care we commend you.

    Love, In Christ our Savior,


  103. Andrew

    3 years ago, I was a freshman in college when my journalism teacher asked the class to do a small q and a with anyone we wanted to. I wanted to go above and beyond the assignment so I contacted someone I knew who worked in the offices of the Orioles in the warehouse. I asked her to get anyone of significance to let me talk to them. Mike Flanagan was the man who volunteered his time. I sat with him for 30 minutes in his office talking about the future, current, and past oriole teams. He gave me some great stories and made me feel so comfortable for my first interview with someone. I’ll be sure to take that memory with me for the rest of my life. I am deeply saddened by his death and I keep his family in my prayers.

  104. barbara goudarzi

    Dear Flanny,
    It’s an overcast, rainy Sat afternoon. The O’s DH against the Yankees has been postponed and, once again, my thoughts turn to you as they have ever since I heard the news. As I watched Gary and Jim struggle to hold back tears as they went on the air last night – it was evident how much they love and miss you. I’ve said that I feel blessed because I was born at the right time to be a fan of the O’s during the 70s and 80s and to learn the “Oriole Way” – which you personified.

    I extend my heartfelt condolences to your family;friends; the entire O’s organization and those in MLB who knew you personally. All O’s games will not be the same without your knowledge of the game and that irrepressible dry New England wit.

    Keep the wind at your back Flanny and may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
    I will raise a glass to you soon and light a candle at mass tomorrow.

  105. Celeste Adams and Family

    TO THE FLANAGAN FAMILY- I have been an Oriole fan since they came in 1954 to Baltimore and remember being at Memorial Stadium a many hot summer day watching a gret person on the mound and that was Mike Flanagan. He was a true Oriole and he played for the game not the money, he bleed orange and black. Mike was never to big to stop and chat,sign a autograph or give some good advice to the kids who wanted to be part of the team when they grew up. When I heard the news I called my sister and son and daughter in Florida and my son was about to be in tears as Mike was one of his heros as a child and my sister was stunned as well as my daughter,myself I was in complete shock. Mike was a wonderful man,friend and player never to big as I said to let his fans know he appreciated them. May GOD bless him and his wonderful family and always remember a song by Josh Grubin that says HE IS JUST A BREATH AWAY. He is on that mound in spirit.The win last night was for him. GOD BLESS YOU FLANNY and I feel God needed a good pitccher so he called you home. RIP

  106. Carol Patterson

    After reading all of the beautiful comments and tributes I feel at a loss to say anything original except that I haven’t stopped crying since I heard this heart-rending and “oh no, it can’t be true” news. I have pondered many times what it means to be a true fan but the roots of it are all the good things that hold the organization together in an unshakeable bond. Flanny epitomized everything that was good about the organization. He made every fan feel that they knew him as well as giving them insight into the intricacies of the game along with that rare gift of humor we all loved.
    It cuts my heart to the quick to realize that he was in so much pain. It makes me want to say to all Oriole’s fans, stop bashing the team in all these myriad critical ways and join together in support and more love if possible. Thank you Jim Palmer, Gary Thorne, Jim Hunter, Rick Dempsey, Amber Theo-Harris , Buck Showalter, Richie Bancells, and all the people who work to give us the pleasure of watching our team.

    My deepest sympathies go out to the Flanagan family. We thank you for sharing Mike with us. He was the best.
    Carol Patterson

  107. Paul

    Like everyone, I was saddened to learn of Mike’s passing. He was one of the definitive Orioles, and added so much to the entire organization. I grew up in Rochester, and witnessed how great a hitter he also was, many times smacking extra bases in old Silver Stadium. Much of that was lost in Baltimore with the DH, but his pitching, his gamesmanship, and gentleman ways with all is what keeps him head and shoulders up there with the greats.
    My condolences and prayers for the family, and the Oriole organization.

  108. Wendy

    I met Mike Flanagan when he was signing autographs at Golden Ring Mall Hecht Co Mike’s dept. when I was a teenager. I was so in awe of him, when he asked me how I wanted him to sign his picture I stupidly replied “I’m your favorite”. He simply smiled and signed “To my favorite”. My sympathies go out to his family, friends, and all the other #46 fans. In memory of his lengthy time with the Baltimore Orioles organization, I hope his number is retired.

  109. Nick Edmonds

    I am so deeply saddened i may be young but i know very fondly of him by watching videos, listening to stories about how great of a pitcher, guy he was. He is gonna be missed so much by the orioles family and i know he will be watching the orioles from a better place 🙂 hey flanny i miss you you were a great guy in all. You will always be remembered as a Oriole great

  110. Payton

    I’m too young to remember Flanny as a pitcher, but I can remember him always being a part of the O’s organization. When I heard that he was gone, I was in shock. I even started crying. I’ve never heard anything but good things about him and its a shame he felt so hopeless in life, but he’s in a better place now. To the Flannigans and the O’s: I’m so sorry for your loss and I’ll be praying for you! R.I.P. Mike Flannigan. You’ll never be forgotten. You’ll always be in the hearts of all true O’s fans.

  111. Rob in PCB FL

    I never met Mike Flanagan, but as a lifelong Orioles fan, I feel like I knew him for all the years he spent playing and working for the team. Orioles Nation is a little bit sadder now that a man who truly believed in the Oriole Way has gone. I hope Mike finds the peace in heaven that he could not find here. My deepest condolences and sympathies to his family.

  112. barry ferrell

    REST IN PEACE #46.

  113. Ruth Wilson

    I’m just an Orioles’ fan who greatly appreciated the wit and humor of Mike Flannagan as a commentator. My heartfelt sympathy to his family in such a tragic loss. It’s hard to understand what drives an individual to such desparate measures. His life touched so many in such a positive way. Everyone needs to laugh. We’ll certainly miss his unique brand of humor. May the Lord be with all of you in your time of mourning and may you feel His presence as He draws you close.

  114. Betty Jones

    Mike I saw you pitch when u were with Rochester and now live in Baltimor i loved your comments and time on Masn. God bless your family in this time of sorrow.Betty Jones

  115. Kerry Flanagan

    Hi Everyone,

    This is Kerry Flanagan, Mike’s oldest daughter. I came back from the tribute at the park last night and spent the better part of the night reading all of your posts. I cannot tell you how overwhelming the support has been for my family – it has provided all of so much comfort over the past few days. Thank you.

    My father loved Baltimore, loved being an Oriole and loved his fans with all that he had. I wish he was here to see this amazing outpouring of emotion and appreciation for him as not just an athlete, but a human being.

    Because of your lovely words I will have so much more to add to the library of memories that I choose to represent my father’s life.

    Much love from my family to the Orioles family,

    Kerry Flanagan

    • Gail Reynolds

      Hi, my name is Gail Reynolds. I live in Chandler AZ. I am still an avid O’s fan. My brother,
      Bob Engelmeyer, pitched batting practice for the O’s back in the 80’s and 90’s. He just LOVED your Dad.
      We had a LONG conversation 2 days ago about Mike, depression, baseball, family, the O’s and life in general.
      I just want you to know…..depression is a stange illness. I suffer from depression. Have for many, many years. We are very, very, good actors. Put on happy faces and put on ACADEMY AWARD
      winning performances when we need to. So please tell your Mom, sisters, family and friends to not question or second guess themselves. I can tell you this from living with my depression since 1993.
      If you would like to contact me I had to enter my email to send this. I would be more than happy to chat by email.
      My love and thoughts to you, your Mom and sisters. God Bless all of you and your Dad.
      I ask him to play catch with my Dad in heaven! “Bus” will like that. My Dad has a memorial at the Babe Ruth house. He LOVED his ORIOLES and Mike.
      Best wishes to you and your family

    • Wendy

      Kerry, I cannot even imagine the pain you and your family are dealing with right now! Your dad was and always will be my favorite Oriole. I was a teenager into young adulthood when your dad and the Orioles were at their best in the 70’s and early 80’s. I remember when the announcement was made that your mom got pregnant by in vitro with you and delivered at GBMC. We got to see their excitement on the news! Many fans were excited at their news and shared their excitement with them. Know that those same fans now support you and your family with prayers for healing for you and your family!

    • Andrea Bancells Moser

      Hi Kerry,
      I dont know if you are still checking in on this but if you are, I wanted to let you know I follow my mom’s sentiments. If you need anything we are all here for you and the other girls. I know the hereford community will take good care of Kendall at HHS (I’m an 04 grad) but if she or any of you need a familiar face, a ear to listen or anything at all, we are here for you. Love and prayers.
      Andrea Bancells Moser (Richie’s daughter)

    • russ peach

      Kerry and family,

      Mike and I were roommates in the Cape Cod league 2 years 71 & 72 and were drafted together by the Orioles in 73. We roomed together our first 2 spring training years with the O’s. I spent over 4 years rooming with your Dad. After reading all these comments, they are all true. Your Dad, as you probably know, was everything people have said about him. Warm, very funny, every song on the radio in the 70’s I still sing with your Dad’s substituted lyrics, he was caring and a great athlete.
      I learned a lot about pitching and baseball playing with your Dad. I got a chance to see him again in Sarasota this past spring training ,I hadn’t seen him since 75. I knew about you and we talked about all your family. I am so sorry about the loss of your Dad. I just wanted you to know what a special person he was in my life. He obviously was an Oriole fan favorite, but he was much, much more to us who played with him.
      My prayers along with God’s grace are with you, your Mom and your sisters.
      Russ Peach

  116. Mark "Pathfinder" Epstein

    Beautiful guy! Was the celebrity guest in Worcester Mass. at my dad’s annual sports banquet, the week after he won his CY YOUNG Award in 1979. No fanfare, just a real down to earth gentleman. Mike stayed well past midnight and everyone of my invited friends were charmed by his warm personality. My deepest condolences and prayers to his wife Alex and his 3 daughters.

    • Carol Bancells

      Oh, Kerry, Katie and Kendall,
      Our love and prayers are with all of you. You know if you need us, just call on us!
      Carol Bancells

  117. Robert

    It’s so tragic that a loved, respected & admired Oriole felt more pain than he could tolerate. I hope that some part of him felt that love we had for him. God, please be with his family & close friends as they grieve their loss.

  118. Janet Lechert

    Mike Flagan was a great pitcher. I watch every game and I loved listening to him broadcast the games. I was lucky enough to have my picture with him at fan fest this past January, I will treasure this picture forever. All Oriole players, broadcasters, co-team mates, and fans will all miss him. I can sympathize with the Flagan family. I know exactly how they feel, I just lost my dad on 08/18/2011. My heart goes out to the family.

  119. andrea bancells

    To the Flanagan Family, My heart and prayers are with you all. We are beyond blessed for having known Flanny and will miss him dearly. I will never forget all the things I learned from him and all the good times we shared. We are so blessed that he was a part of dad’s hall of fame induction. We love you and are thinking about you all.

  120. Chuck Voigt

    My heart goes out to his family, the loss of a loved one is the hardest thing to deal with in life. I first saw Flanny in ’77, he pitched a great game into the 7th, when Weaver took him out. Flanny literally stomped off the mound, and hurled his glove into the dugout. Lord knows what he was saying! I had never seen such competitive fire from a pro up close like that, and it made a big impression.
    I also admired his wife Alex and him for their courage in becoming one of the first couples involved in the clinic in Norfolk, where their first child was born.

  121. O's fans always

    With deepest sympathy to the Flanagan family and to the members of the Orioles’ that had the pleasure to know and work with Mike. What a profound loss and his passing will leave so many with an emptiness but also fond memories.
    May God bless the family and keep them close .

  122. morrell carson

    i grew up watching Flanagan pitch as the orioles are my hometown team. he many people throughout the years. He was a great pitcher and a great person. He will be greatly missed by baltimore fans.

  123. ron ostgard

    Here in Minnesota, I can remember Mike pitching for the Orioles in the 1970’s. Even though we here did not get many Oriole games on T.V. here, I still new who Mike Flanagan was. Through baseball cards and that he pitched left handed is what I remember most. The Orioles are my favorite team, next to the Minnesota Twins. Having M.L.B. Extra Innings, I watch the Orioles all the time and am going to miss Mike Flanagan in the booth with Gary Thorne and Jim Hunter. Mike and Jim Palmer have done an excelent job with their knowledge not only about pitching, but all about baseball. Hats off to the whole crew!. Maybe another Oriole great will come in to take Mike’s place. I think he would like that.

  124. J. Michael Thommen

    Thanks for the memories. You were a class act on and off the field. You brought so much joy to the City of Baltimore and to all Oriole fans. You will be missed. to your family, they will be in my prayers.

  125. Jodi Wilson

    I’m an O’s fan as is my 26 year old son. Inevitably during our phone conversations about the game, one or the other of us would ask “Did ya hear Flanny?”…whether it was in reference to his super fine ball commentary or his unmatchable wit we both considered him to be one of the best. The games won’t be the same without Mike. Our sincerest sympathy goes out to you all. Peace be with you.

  126. greg

    You were part of my beloved Orioles as i grew up, watching and listening to the games. heck you were one of the reasons i grew my first mustache in high school because i thought you looked so cool. it is so sad this happened but hopefully now you have the peace you were apparently looking for. my condolences to your family, including the orioles family, who knew and loved you. you will be sorely missed!

  127. Joe Dunch

    What was not to like about Mike Flanagan? As a lifelong O’s fan, I always felt great whenever he took the mound, believing he would give everything he had to help the team secure a win. It was also a treat whenever he was in the booth calling a game. The ease with which he bantered back and forth; the quips, the stories, the humor… It felt good being in his virtual company. It was a comforting “given” that he was in the Oriole family, a link to the past that continued to give the faithful good feelings about what could be again. I was numb with the kind of grief typically reserved for the loss of a friend. (It’s a little selfish of fans, I guess, but how could we not feel as if we knew him well?) I’m taken aback in a way I could never have expected; I’m saddened, but I’m also very moved by the numerous tributes by some of the most respected names in baseball. I know I’ll never forget these recent days, because, despite the agonizing tragedy, they helped us recall the many meanings of both grief and greatness.

    • Natalie Rivers

      great writing, Mr. Joe Dunch…I was trying to come up with something to write but can’t beat that. Take care . Be in touch. Natalie Rivers

  128. Jerry Vincent

    Condolences to the Flanagan family. Mike will always be remembered as one of the greatest athletes to come from New Hampshire as well as an all time Oriole great. His efforts on and off the field will always be remembered. I am proud to have followed Mike’s career both locally and professionally. A true gentleman and competitor. He will not be forgotten.

  129. Charles Focht

    As a long time Oriole fan, Mike will surely be missed. My best memory of Flanny was when I was attending a game in a suite and I asked him if he could sign a ball for a friends son. After he signed the ball he said that he did not like the signature, so he went and got another ball and signed it again. He personally apologized to the boy for the sloppy(as he called it) signature on the first ball. What a real gentleman. He will rally be missed. Rest in Peace

  130. Barry

    I was 11 or 12 when I picked the O’s as my team. Being from SC everybody roots for the Braves. I picked the closest AL team (at that time the Orioles). 1979 was the first full season I was a fan. It was great. I used to wish nightfall would hurry up. I could then possibly find my team on WTOP 1500 in Washington, DC. I truly looked forward to Mike’s starts. We had a really good chance to win. Obviously we didn’t see many Oriole games on TV in those days. But, it was a great treat to see my team on the NBC Game of the Week. And I loved watching Mike Flanagan pitch. He was my favorite pitcher. And as an adult I got to hear him on the MLB Extra Innings package. Great guy! A piece of my childhood died when Mike died. Prayers to the family. Rest, Mike.

  131. Clifford R. Goilo, Sr.

    Flanny, may you rest in peace. God almighty will receive you with open arms. All my prayers are with his family, friends and all the Orioles organization. We, the Baltimore Orioles, have a Cy Young Award winner in heaven!

  132. Gary K

    Was fortunate enough to meet “Mr. Flanagan” back in his prime. What a classy….classy gentleman! Still find it difficult to believe that a man with such an easy going demeanor….so witty….so downright funny…..would carry such a heavy burden!
    He will be missed in so many ways…..by so many people! Best wishes to his family!
    R.I.P # 46

  133. Robert Ewing

    One of the best orioles pitchers in the history of the franchise my thoughts and prayers go to the flanagan family during this difficult and sad time My all time memory of flanny will be him pitching the last inning of memorial stadium in ’91 thoughts and prayers to flannys fam

  134. Barbara Law

    Mike, was a great pitcher and player, for the Orioles. I enjoyed watching him broadcast on MASN. May his family remember all the memories they shared. God Bless.

  135. Cathy Lushbaugh

    The same thing happened in our small community in Smithsburg, MD (near the Mason-Dixon line) over a yr ago. A man, that was 48 yrs old, married with 3 children (1 in college, 1 that had just graduated High School & 1 that was younger). He did not leave a note & noone suspected it or saw it coming. He shot himself in the temple near the tennis courts on Smithsburg High School property-which I thought was selfish on his behalf. He was involved in sports activites & was a prominent member of this small community. Evidentally, he was having financial diffuculties that even his wife didn’t know about. Our community stuck together & was there for his family. My great uncle ended his life a while back. He was having health problems & thought his Dr. was lying to him. All that was wrong with him was that he had to have his gall bladder out. He was convinced that he had cancer & was going to die like his brother did-after seeing him suffer. He didn’t want to die like that. He never left a note either. Neighbors noticed that he was blocking in his carport, but didn’t think anything about it. On Thanksgiving Day, he did it by carbon monixide. Other people are sharing the pain & grief & know what Flanny’s family are going thru. They are not alone, in that respect. I can only hope that Flanny’s family will find peace & comfort in the days & years to come by all of the nice things that people had to say about him. I’m sure that’s not comforting them now, but he was very well loved. And to the O’s orginazation–I posted on FB tonight, “Sorry, Yankees fans–the O’s kicked your ass tonight! In remberance of Mike Flanagan-#46. I may be wrong, but I think they’ll continue this streak until the end of the season. I know it’s too late now to make a difference in the stats.” I feel that they are out for all they can do–for Flanny. Best of luck, O’s! Kick some butt!

  136. Jim Sneddon

    My deepest sympathy to the family and close friends of Mike. I have fond recollections of watching Mike dominate opposing batters and enjoyed listening to Mike as a broadcaster. Mike loved baseball and he loved the O’s. He gave his heart and soul for the game and team he loved. We have all learned a little more about Mike through the stories that have been shared. He has touched so many lives. The world is a lesser place with Mike gone. May god bless the family and friends and comfort them in their time of grief. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for the memories Flanny, rest in peace.

  137. Scott Steinbrenner

    Very sorry for all of Mike’s family and friends. He seems like such a great guy and will be missed by all Orioles fans.

  138. Edwin F. Dosek

    God Bless Mike and his family. A true legend that will be remembered bym all. HE WILL BE ALLSTAR FOREVER.

  139. peggy Zellman

    Without your wit and laugh, the games will not be the same. I loved how you called the games and the sincere way you loved the Orioles!!! And the fans loved you. God bless his family. hope our words will comfort you in some way.

  140. terrygee1959

    it was said of the great goaltender, Terry Sawchuk, that he never really knew how many people really admired him – loved him. this may also be true for Mike Flanagan. i think i’m going to e-mail my son and tell him i love him and i’m proud of him. my fondest memories of Mr. Flanagan came after our family moved to sacramento in 1978. i must confess we would go to the Oakland game that Jim Palmer was pitching and watch the other O’s games on TV. seeing Flanagan and Scott McGregor throw ground balls to mark belanger and rich dauer all night long was a thing of beauty. the A’s TV broadcaster always did a good job explaining how there are different ways for pitchers to win games – the broadcaster was Harmon Killebrew. this has been such a sad year and the Orioles family also lost Mike Cuallar last year.

    ‘oh to live on sugar mountain. with the barkers and the coloured balloons.
    cannot be 20 on sugar mountain
    though you think you must be leaving there too soon
    you are leaving too soon.’

    from a song by Neil Young

  141. Dennis Sullivan

    Flanagan , Palmer , McGregor, Boddiker . Flanagan was the Best. Always a CLASS ACT ON and Off the field. He was a Gentle soul. He always had your back.
    I was at Loyola College back in the early 80’s God Bless Mike and his family . You will be sorely missed .

  142. Barry Gogel

    He was a good guy and great pitcher, and his talents brought a lot of joy and happiness to the lives of many. That is how he will be remembered.

  143. Becky Jackson

    Rest in Peace, Mike. I wish you could have seen how much you were loved and respected. Your family here in Tampa is grieving for you and yours. I am so proud to have been blessed enough to have you as my cousin . Til we meet again, rest in peace. Love you, Becky

  144. Les Jacoby

    My grandfather took me to my first O’s game when I was 13 yrs old and Mike Flanagan pitched against the Rangers. He was great although the O’s lost 2 to 1 in 10 innings. Years later, my grandfather and I watched him get the last 2 outs at memorial stadium. My grandfather passed away on the way home that day so Flanny was the 1st and last piitcher we saw together. I will not forget him and like Buck I am not trying to.

  145. Steven A Shaw

    As a long time Orioles fan and college baseball player who studied rosters from all major league sports, I was most interested in Mike because of his humor, intelligence, and interest in others he met. I felt an attachment to him unlike other players because he was the only player I knew who was born on the exact same day as I was. I am devastated and I pray for Mike’s wife and daughters, that they find comfort in knowing how special he was to so many people. Mike, rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.

  146. Cathy Lushbaugh

    So sorry to hear of Flanny’s passing. I grew up in the era when Flanny was pitching. He was such a great man & a role model. No matter the circumstances behind his passing, he should be honored. Noone knows but Flanny, what he was going thru or what he was thinking. I explained to my son tonight that people do this for a reason-a lot of times it’s not understood, but they usually think that this is the only way out. I pray for Flanny & his family & The Orioles. He will be sorely missed. God bless you all & my prayers are with you to help you thru this difficult time.

  147. Crystal Hall

    I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Mike Flanagan’s family and everyone in the Orioles organization. I’ve thought of little else since I heard this news and I can’t help but wish that Flanny could see all the love pouring forth for him now to realize how much he was appreciated and how much he will be missed. I know all of us who were fans during the 70s and 80s feel grateful to have seen Flanagan and been a part of those wonderful, memorable times. Obviously, Flanagan touched many lives. I’m sure this is an incredibly painful time for everyone who knew him personally, but I hope that in some small way knowing that he was so loved and your great memories of him helps you through this time of grief. I wish there were words I could offer to mitigate your pain.

  148. Linda McIntyre

    Flanny thank you for all the good times you gave the Orioles and their fans. Rest in peace and my prayers go out to your family and friends.

  149. joad

    Mike, I can’t know what you were going through. But I can’t help but feel you made a mistake. So many people loved you and would have done whatever they could to help you. Rest in Peace number 46. We already miss you.

  150. Amy

    It breaks my heart to think of Flanny in such pain, not realizing how much he’s touched so many of us. He and the other Orioles of his time were such a huge part of my childhood and I’ve loved listening to him calling the O’s games as an adult. He will be truly missed.

  151. Carol Bancells

    Our memories are of laughter, fishing, family games at the ballpark, inducting Richie into the Hall of Fame and so many more things. My children think of him as there second dad. From day 1 to the HOF day Flanny always said to each of them “hey, kibby killer” 🙂 (it’s a fishing thing).

    Our love and prayers to all of you Alex,

    Carol Bancells and family

  152. John Vermette

    Mike Flanagan was one of the greatest pitchers of all time ! Additionally, Mike Flanagan was unquestionably a super great human being. Isn’t it somewhat paradoxical that he brought so much joy to Oriole fans but apparently fell short in
    bringing a sufficient amount of Joy to himself. Thanks Flanny. You are one person
    that will never be forgotten. My sincerest condolences to those whom you loved the most.

  153. Christian Bell

    Growing up an Orioles fan in the 70’s & 80’s there was a pantheon of Orioles great…Ripken, Murray, Palmer, and Flanagan…he is a great Oriole and will always be remembered as a great Oriole. Gone…but not forgotten.

  154. Don Kontner

    I’ve been an Oriole fan since 1966 and that can never change. Thank you Mike, you gave me some great memories. Always an Oriole. I will miss you.

  155. Bruce Markusen

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike Flanagan, but have heard so many good things about his personality and friendly nature. What a terrific pitcher he was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a legitimate ace on some pennant-winning and world championship teams.

    As a Yankee fan, I dreaded watching Flanagan face the Yankees, because I figured that he was going to be extremely tough to hit, with that great curve ball, changeup, and sinking fastball. A phenomenal pitcher at his peak–and a great loss for the baseball community as a whole.

    Bruce Markusen
    Cooperstown, NY

  156. In the Blood

    I have been an avid O’s fan for 35 years and plain and simple, Mike Flanagan was my favorite Orioles pitcher. The way he would drop that curveball in was a thing of absolute beauty. But more than that, the way he carried himself, he was a total professional. I was so proud to be an Orioles fan when I saw him in an O’s uniform.

    I was also fortunate enough to see him play basketball. The O’s used to play charity basketball games and he was the shooting guard. And what a shooter he was. I remember thinking, wow, I have never seen such a silky smooth jumper – not even from hoopsters who do it for a living.

    God bless you, Mike Flanagan. May you rest in peace. You will be so missed.

  157. Shailesh

    I was lucky enough to be at the O’s last game at Memorial Stadium. It was my 11th birthday and I still remember my whole section (and most of the stadium) chanting, “Flanny!” in the 9th to bring him in to finish the top of the inning. The Orioles have lost a legend.

  158. Steve Smith

    I can’t belive Mike Flanagan is dead! I learned more about baseball from listening to his commentery durring Orioles games than anyone else in my life! It’s so upsetting! Rest in peace Flanny, my prayers are with you and your family. Much of my love for baseball and the Orioles is a direct result of his love for the game!

  159. Paul McNulty

    Flanny was a class act and a true Oriole through and through. He will always be loved and remembered by Orioles fans. I had the previlege of growing up an Orioles fan in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Mike was one of the Orioles from that era that embodied what it meant to be an Oriole. Goodbye old friend.


  160. Chris Trimm

    As a 6’5″ southpaw Flanny was a natural for me to emulate and it was a honor to watch him pitch whenever the O’s visited Anaheim. I was overwhelmed to hear of Mike passing and a part of me died myself. Mike was a true gamer playing through injury and I’m choosing to remember him this way, I wish all the best to his family and friends here. With such a great loss comes great mourning. RIP Mike

  161. Pattie

    Had the pleasure of meeting Mike Flanagan after a game at Memorial Stadium many years ago, and always will remember how polite and courteous he was to his fans – especially the kids. He took the time to speak to them and that time he took with them was genuine. He was a true gentleman and appreciated his fans. He loved the Orioles and he loved the game. This is truly a loss for all of us and I send my condolences to his family and friends. He was part of the magic and his fans will always remember him, I know I will. Rest in Peace Mike.

  162. Lois Provenza Caschetta

    With a heavy heart, I would like to send my condolences to Flanny’s wife and daughters. Your husband and dad was a big part of Baltimore and O’s family. I moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area from Baltimore in the early 80’s, but when the O’s were in town in Arlington, TX., I would be sitting in Arlington stadium with my #46 shirt and the rest of my Oriole gear and I was so proud. Flanny, you are going to be so missed. One of my friends is a Baltimore city policemen and one night working at Memorial stadium his post was at the dugout for the Orioles and he asked Flanny if he would autograph a baseball for me and Flanny did with pleasure. I have always treasured that ball and I always will. RIP Mike Flanagan..

  163. adrienne82

    Mike Flanagan was a really kind man. 11 years ago I worked in the press lounge with family. I was just about to start college, and my Great Aunt offered me a job. It was a cool job, but I had a hard time recognizing people. My dad would always ask me if I saw Mike Flanagan, for he knew that Flanagan did the television commentary back then (2000). I had no idea though, so I asked my Great Aunt and she told me “He’s the one that comes up to you everyday and taps your shoulders and asks how you are doing.” After I realized that was Mike Flanagan I told my dad and he was impressed. Mike would always take time out of his busy schedule to say hi to me, even when I was a bus girl! He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers goes out to him and his family.

  164. Scott Elliott

    I became an Oriole fan with the 1979 World Series and my subsequent move to Baltimore in 1980. I spent all of my free time at Memorial Stadium and I loved watching Mike Flanagan pitch!! He was, is and will always be on my short list of favorite pitchers, favorite players and favorite Orioles. Rest in Peace, Michael. I wish for peace and comfort for his family. He will always live in my memory!

  165. Allen Wiener

    Words fail. I cannot help but see, over and over, flashes of those Weaver seasons, the grandest team I ever had the delight to watch, and in the middle was Flanny. Mostly, when I think of him, I think of his gutsy appearances in 1983 with a heavy brace on his leg, forcing more out of himself than most players could, and leading his team by example — straight to a world championship. He had real class — I hope everyone who saw him appreciated it, because their ain’t much of it around anymore. R.I.P. Deepest condolences to his family and to the Orioles family.

  166. Harry

    I’ll miss you #46. It’s time to remember Flanny, 33rd St, and Orioles winning!! Still a lifetimer… Let’s go O’s

  167. hiz1

    Been an O’s fan since I attended my first game in 1954 as a 6 year old. Have seen all the great O’s pitchers over the years and Flanny will always be at the top of the list. Thanks for the memories and may you rest in peace.

  168. Dan Clarke

    I lived in MD as a kid and moved to NH in high school. As an Orioles fan living in NH it can be very difficult while in Red Sox Nation. However, since Flanny was a NH native he was always a favorite son up here.

    We know he tried to restore the Oriole Way back to Camden Yards. It did not work out the way he or O’s fans would have liked but our memories of ’79 and ’83 never wavered.

    It was always a wonderful thing to see Flanny on MLB.TV or listening to him. I still watch most games that way, and it was always great to see/hear Flanny, Palmer and Dempsey because it was always a link to the Oriole Way.

    I am so very, very sad at Flanny’s passing. Seeing all of the guys in the press box show their emotions just proved how loved the guy was.

    My condolences go out to his family. Flanny is gone way, way too soon.

  169. sabarts01

    I’ve been a Red Sox fan since my dad took me to my first game in Sept 1974. One thing that real Red Sox fans do is appreciate great teams and gray players… Mike Flanagan was one of those players… I remember the great Orioles teams of the late 70’s and early 80’s( too young for prime Jim Palmer).., Mike Flanagan always brought his “A” game. and you wished he was on your team… He may be a few numbers short for the HOF but the O’s should retire his number! God Bless Mike Flanagan and his family.

  170. K Bilbrough Chandler

    It is with a very heavy heart that I write my condolences to Mr. Flanagan’s family. I too lost my dad to suicide; I was his oldest of 3 daughters, like Mike’s girls. It is so very hard to understand the pain that someone is going through when they chose to take their own life. Please know that your dad and husband brought so much pleasure to so many Orioles fans. I was lucky enough to be a college student and young adult living in Baltimore during the glory years of Flanny, Cal, Eddie, Rick Dempsey, Elrod, Al and all. Living just a few miles from Memorial Stadium and watching these guys play “The Oriole Way” made me fall in love with baseball. My husband and I happened to run into Mr. Flanagan at BWI after he retired. He was so kind and cordial to us as we gushed over how much we loved watching him play. From the sound of the postings, he was kind to everyone he encountered. Flanny you were a class act and most importantly a humble ballplayer. In this day of highly paid players, many could learn from your dedication and modesty. You will be VERY missed. Rest in peace dear Flanny. Prayers for your family as they come to terms with your loss.

  171. Brian from Catonsville

    We all love you and will miss you dearly, Mike. I will miss most your vast knowledge of the game. You really were the reason why I would continue to watch another frustrating O’s game on MASN. You had a gift. The gift to captivate me as you analyzed the great game of baseball or just made me shake my head and laugh out loud at yet another one of your stupid one-liners. But I loved all those stupid one-liners and your delivery of each and every one of them. I never got the opportunity to meet you Mike. But over the past few days whenever I see a picture of you, I start to cry. The only explanation I have is that when you are a true Oriole as we both are, we are all family. Rest now..in peace Flanny. 46 forever.

  172. Jim Martin

    As a child of the 70’s and a fan of baseball I was very familiar with Mike Flanagan and his dominance as an Oriole pitcher His dedication to the Oriole organization was admirable and he always seemed to carry himself w dignity and class I hope he receives all the accolades he deserves in the days to come My sympathy to his family for their loss

  173. Charlie (Skeeter) Myers

    I remember selling Mike a jacket at a Fishing show in Timmonium in 1998.I believe he had his daughter Kendall with him. You could tell how much he cared for her. He also signed a hat for me,which I still have,and am looking at right now. It is still one of my favorite and most cherished signed items.

  174. David Jones

    First i want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to flanny family and close friends. I am only 28 i didnt get to watch flanny play ball but he is my favorite masn commentator and one of my favorite Orioles he is a icon in baltimore his life has become a legacy he wont be soon forgotten. May god be with the family and friends so they may cope with this loss and may god be with all of baltimore as we all try to cope with the loss of one of the greatest left handers in baseball. flanny r i p 1951-2011

  175. Brian Schwaab

    A true Baltimore Oriole. Mike will trully be missed by all. Sincere condolences to his Family and his Oriole’s Family. Signed, True Oriole Fan.

  176. Rick Saxe

    Rest in peace Flanny.
    An Oriole head to toe.
    Forever Orioles supporters
    In good times and bad.

  177. Jackie Cortez

    I will truly miss seeing and hearing Flanny on the air…he was a great guy and he truly did love the Orioles…always a class act and he loved what he was doing…may God comfort his family in this sad hour. Much love!

  178. Wayne Flickinger

    As a life long Oriole fan, I’ll always remember Flanny as a hard nosed professional. He played the “Oriole way’ and brought tremendous credit to the himself, the team and professional baseball. He was a class act and someone who was always fun to listen to, with his knowledge of the game and that dry New Enland wit, he made listening the Orioles more then bearable.

    Mike I’ll alsways remember you as a man of great class. God bless your family.

    Rest in Peace. Godspeed

  179. Jen Stremel

    As a lifelong Orioles fan, I wish to extend my condolences to Flanny’s friends and family. I moved to New Hampshire 9 years ago, and often think of one quote of his he used during a game he called in the years I lived in DC as a student. New Hampshire has two seasons – winter and the fourth of July. The Orioles were my team growing up, as my mother’s family lived in Maryland and we didn’t have a team in Colorado. Flanny was a key figure in my memories, and I enjoyed his commentary tremendously in the 10 years I lived in DC. My deepest, deepest sympathies

  180. John N.

    I never met Mike Flanagan, but I have known him for most of my life, from the autographed pictures and Orioles caps that made their way to my older brother and me when our mother was in the hospital with breast cancer and Mike Flanagan’s mother was working as her nurse. This was in New Hampshire, where Mike grew up. He must have known that it would be exciting for us kids to have something special from a real professional baseball player, and it was. I’ll never forget that act of kindness from the Flanagan family to our family. It always meant a lot to me when I would get a Mike Flanagan baseball card in my packs of Topps and Fleer in the late 80s (I remember being surprised to see he was a Blue Jay). I cherished those Flanagan cards, and it has always warmed my heart since then to come across them. May God bless the Flanagan family today and all of the many who loved and will continue to love Mike, in blessed memory. He was a very good man.

  181. Pat

    To his wife, daughters, and Oriole Family God grant you the strength to go on in this very painful time. He will be missed greatly by all O’s fans everywhere.

  182. Connor Guercio

    Mike Flanagan was a class act, great man, great baseball player, great announcer, and great person overall! He will be deeply missed! I’m too young to have seen him play, but I’ve seen the records, and he was amazing! His sense of humor was always with him! My thoughts and prayers go out to the Flanagan family, and the Orioles community! R.I.P. Flanny!

  183. Jeremy Mills

    You will be missed Flanny. A true professional in every way and a even greater human being. My heart felt wishes go out to your family and everyone’s life you’ve touched.

  184. mhlaubach

    I only hope that some part of Flanny knew what he meant to his friends, family, colleagues, and to Orioles fans. I am deeply saddened by the loss of this wonderful man and pray for his family and loved ones.

  185. Lynn

    I wish I were like Superman and could fly in reverse around the planet and save Mike the way Superman saved Lois.

  186. paulie

    I’m devastated to learn of Mike’s passing. As a life-long O’s fan, I was blessed and honored to watch Mike in all of his roles with the Orioles. His dedication to the Organization is without question. His role as commentator with Gary made these past 2 seasons much more enjoyable than they really have been–his wit and humor was without equal. His insight was priceless, and his smarts exceptional. “Missed” is hardly the word–there really aren’t words for this. Knowing how much I’ll miss him, I can only imagine how much his wife and daughters will miss him. Thanks Mike for all that you gave us O’s fans. You will not be forgotten, and will remain revered.

  187. Sharyn Selskey & Dana MacDonald

    He was our neighbor the year he won the Cy Young award and he was so humble, always a gentleman, he loaned my daughter his jersey and cap and I penciled on a mustache and she went as Mike for Halloween…….we posted the picture on Facebook. It’s a time I will always remember…….God bless his family and may they find comfort in knowing Mike is smiling down from heaven and watching over them.

  188. Tom Tucker

    Flanny was a first-rate ML pitcher, exec, and b-caster. When you saw Mike, you saw the Orioles at their best. I interviewed Mike several times in the ’80s and he was always a gracious guest. My wife and I grieve for Alex, and daughters. I know other fans here in Martinsburg, West Virginia mourn the tragic ending of a spectacular life.

  189. Alex dc

    I grew up listening to Mike Flannagan do the games with Michael Reaghi on HTS and then csn Mike will very much be missed it will be hard to watch the o’s verses nats interleague series and not hear Mike’s Voice with Bob and Fp from the nationals. I am a nats fan now but was a O’s fan growing up Mike you will be missed for sure my thoughts to everyone in your family and your friends as they go through this difficult time.

  190. Bob Carey

    I am a long time O’s fan living in Syracuse NY. Flanny was always a solid pitcher on those great Oriole teams. Every day I would check the box scores and read the small wire stories in our local paper and Mike could always be counted on to come up with a big win. Condolences to his family and to O’s fans everywhere. HIs memory will live on forever along with all his teammates from those great O’s teams. He is up there striking out Thurman Munson right now!!

  191. Keith Shaffer

    I grew up an Oriole fan, and Flanagan was one of my sports heroes. His loyalty to the team, his approach to the game, and his willingness to do whatever he could to help the team (in all capacities) are a model for players and fans alike. I hope his legacy is to inspire young players to follow his example as a player, a leader, and a man. He will be missed, but his spirit will be in every stride the team makes to get better.

  192. Harry Mann Jr.

    As a New Englander and a Red Sox fan, my thoughts to all Orioles fans on the passing of Mike Flanagan. He will be missed. Thank you.

  193. John Kukuvka

    I think the outpouring of grief over Mr. Flanagan’s untimely death, as expressed in these postings, is indicative of the deep reservoir of support that still exists for the Orioles despite so many losing seasons. Mr. Flanagan was a link to the glory days of the franchise, which so many of us still remember. My father watched him pitch during his brief stint with Rochester in the early 70s and told me he looked like a great one even then. Goodbye Mr. Flanagan, we’ll keep the light on.

  194. gordon

    God Bless. I truely loved when he would commentate. We should retire his number after this year. With I coulda seen him play. RIP and Lord have mercy on his soul.

  195. Yorker Jeff

    The weekend of the Cal Ripken HOF induction I was having a late breakfast at a diner in Oneonta. I was the only customer at the time. I was sitting next to the register when Flanny came in and ordered coffee to go. His wife was waiting in the car. I recognized him but didn’t want to bother him. He noticed my SABR cap (Society for American Baseball Research) and said hello to me remembering that he spoke at one of our meetings several years before. We spoke a short time while his order was filled. What a class act!

  196. Pat

    My deepest condolences to the family of Mike Flanagan and all who knew and loved him. I was deeply shocked and saddened by his death. Flanny was an amazing pitcher and person on and off the field, a real class act. I grew up watching the Orioles on TV with another of their biggest fans, my mom, also departed from this life, who never missed a game. I will always remember the “glory days” when I spent many times in the stands watching him pitch. Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace, Flanny.

  197. Tim Legg

    I can remember watching Flanny, Tim Stoddard, Tippy, Jim, Dennis, Sammy, Scott, and the rest in ’83..and what a magical year it was for me. I was just turning 10, and it was the first time my favorite team won anything as big as the World Series. My late father and I were elated! Mike, you were a big part of that season, even through your injury. Your wit and knowledge of the game on MASN broadcasts will be missed terribly, and I will forever be proud to salute the #46. Godspeed Mike!

  198. Brian Gutmann

    I grew up in Baltimore but live outside Dallas now. Every year when the O’s come to Arlington to play the Rangers I don my home jersey and 1 of 3 or 4 O’s hats and come out to support my team. In the past I have had some very nice conversations about the team with the broadcasters especially Hunter and Palmer; in fact Jim P has always been very generous with his autograph to the fans in Texas. Last year however Flanny made the trip as the color man and I was struck at just how genial and kind he was. I am so thrilled now to have had this meeting with him-sadly most of us don’t realize how short life is until it’s too late. I pray that Mike has found peace from whatever tormented him and that in time his family may have peace from the fashion that he departed us.

    • Jody Marie

      Hi Brian:

      I also grew up in Baltimore and live in Dallas. (soon to be Ft.Worth) It’s always nice to meet a fellow O’s fan! :)http://oriolesguestbook.mlblogs.com/2011/08/25/mike-flanagan/#comment-form-guest

  199. Daniel

    Watching games with Flanny as the commentator was like watching games with a friend. He was so funny and insightful. A joy to listen to. I never knew I could feel so sad about someone I never met.

  200. R Berger

    Mike was a class act and we always enjoyed his days pitching and the good teams he played with. He will be remembered as one of the best Oriole players to ever put on the uniform, he new the Oriole way and traditions. He held the team to a higher standard and respected the game. God Bless the family and we can all hold on to the memories Mike made.
    Will all miss you “Flanny” Lifelong Oriole Fan, Waynesboro PA REB

  201. Charles Lillie

    Flanny was an encouraging man to everyone. He was a great pitcher for the Orioles and was always a joy to listen to in the pre and post-games. It is saddening to learn of what happened to him and I wish his family the best. RIP Flanny, we’ll all miss you.

  202. Lisa Hurka Covington

    I to have been touched by suicide. Today the spokesperson for suicide prevention in Maryland, and the Founder/ Executive Director of SPEAK (Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids).
    Mr. Flanagan, how you were loved and left behind such beautiful memories that will always be treasured, thank you. And to Mrs. Flanagan, her daughters and family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

  203. John Zokovitch

    I was an 11 year old kid in 1979 when Flanny won the Cy Young, and the Orioles had already taken the place in my heart where they still reside today. Watching Flanny and those O’s pitchers of the seventies was a thrill for me, knowing we had a chance to win every day. The O’s did everything the right way back then. Flanny was the prototypical Oriole and his name belongs right there with Brooks, Cal, Eddie, Palmer, Earl, and the rest. Thanks for everything Flanny. May you rest in peace.

  204. Paulette

    So many happy memories of Memorial Stadium. Mike Flanagan was a wonderful player to watch and Orioles fans appreciate how hard he worked at all he did for the team over the years. We are lucky to have had the time with him in the booth as well. I am so sorry for the pain he must have been in.

  205. Tom Ehlers in NC

    I have been an Oriole fan since ’54. I feel like I have lost a family member and I guess in a way I have! To all of Flanny’s friends and Family I am so sorry for your loss! I can only imagine! I never met Mike but after I watch a game that he was the broadcaster my wife would say, “Flannagan is broadcasting?” I would say yes, how did you know? She said, I heard you laughing! If I had the opportunity I would quote another Oriole and say Flanny, Thank Youuuuu! Rest in Peace Flanny, you did not deserve the pain you had!

  206. Don Eminizer

    Very sad indeed. My condolences to his immediate family, and to all of us Orioles fans that he adopted with his grit, determination, and that wicked curve ball. I’ll never forget game 2 of the ’79 Series I was able to attend with my Dad at the wondrous age of 10. He even overcame the extremely rare Belanger error. It saddens me greatly to think things so overwhelmed such a fiery, hard working, determined man. But you will always live in the memories of my youth, watching you in the outdoor madhouse, on TV, or listening on the radio. That is the Mike Flanagan I choose to remember.

  207. Peggy

    My condolences to his family and his baseball family. He was so loved and respected in the sports community and such a permanent part of the Orioles; I still cannot believe he is gone. I am glad that his family will know of the respect and regard in which he is held.

  208. David Meyers

    What better way to honor Mike than to have his number on the back of an active pitcher, one who’s an Oriole because Mike brought him to Baltimore, one whose personal attributes reflect Mike’s, i.e. his work ethic and his loyalty to the Orioles!
    I believe that when Mike said ‘of course’ when Jeremy first asked him if he could wear his number, if with us today, he’d say ‘keep on wearing it proudly, and know that I am with you in spirit’! Every time we see #46 on Mike’s ‘field of dreams’, our hearts will skip a beat, we’ll have a lump in our throat, and a tear in our eye….and Mike Flanagan will be with us still!!

    • a baseball fan

      I agree … i think if his number was going to be retired it should have been when he could enjoy it. not now. He graciously told Jeremy to wear it, and that should continue.

  209. Terri & Brian

    Mike we know you are at peace now. We will miss your honesty and caring nature about our ORIOLES. Thank you for all the wonderful times we had watching you on the mound and on TV we will forever be grateful for the time you were here with us. Bless all your family and friends we will keep them in our prayers.

  210. Cyndi Drye

    Mike, it was such tragic news to hear of your passing. Thank you for all of the good Oriole memories you leave behind that will live in my heart forever. I will miss you!

    Heaven now has another Angel! God Bless you and your family Mike! Rest in Peace!

  211. Veronica

    Mike Flanagan was a huge part of the Orioles’ glory days. He was a class act as a player, and so knowledgeable, funny, and witty as a commentator. What a tragedy. Very sad that he was tormented enough to end it this way. I hope he knew how much he meant to baseball and his fans. Condolences to his family and friends. I’ll miss you, Flanny. RIP.

  212. Audrey Stapf

    Mike Flanagan was one of my favorite players. He was all Orioles and gave a great deal to the organization. I will miss his commentary. He will be greatly missed. May our Lord comfort his family at this time.

  213. Steve Cornett

    Heartfelt condolences go out to Mike’s family. He was a true Oriole, and more importantly a genuine gentleman.
    My son and I met Mike during the homestand when the Twins were in town. He came over to us, signed a ball for each of us and a card. But more importantly, he took the time to speak to us . He seemed genuinely appreciative when we told him how we appreciated him for being a true Oriole, and one of our favorite players. He seemed to really understand.whatwhat

  214. Paul keilman

    Growing up a die hard Cub fan, I had to look around for other players to root for!! Mike Flanagan was the epitome of a smart, tough player. I remember a 36 year old Flanagan with the Blue Jays battling Jack Morris and left after 11 innings! You will not see that today. He was keeping Whittaker, Trammel, Gibson, Parrish all off balance with location and smarts. I remember when he came back in 91/92 in the bullpen, with great success in 91, and the honor of throwing the last inning for the O’s in 92 @ old Memorial Stadium. Respect. I’m very sorry for the family and friends of this decent man.

  215. Michael Smith

    As a lifelong Tiger fan, my hat is off. There were two tough teams to face in the 70s and 80s, Baltimore and then Toronto. The one constant was Mike Flanagan, always tough on the mound and a class act off it.

    May you and your family find peace.

  216. Linda Stelmack

    May he rest in peace. My sympathies to his family and friends. I had the biggest crush on him as a teenager. He was one heck of a pitcher and from all accounts, one heck of a nice guy.

  217. Ron Clocker

    I grew up watching Mike pitch for the O’s. He was truly an awesome pitcher. My heart aches knowing that he passed on. My prayers go out to the family. He will truly be missed.

  218. Nancy

    My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and the Orioles organization. Flanny will truly be missed. I always enjoyed watching him play–he was really one of the best pitchers and a true ballplayer. I will miss his commentary as well. I hope you have found the peace you were seeking. God Bless you and thanks for the the memories!

  219. Jim Nichols

    Awwww Mike. So saddened by your death. Now you are at peace & comforted with the angels around you. I pray now for your lovely family.

  220. Dan O'Connell

    I am deeply saddened that he was so troubled. It breaks my heart that such a good man never realized how much he was loved and respected. He was such a tremendous pitcher and the Orioles never would have been so successful from 1977 to 1983 without him. Baltimore has always been a very special baseball town. We have been so fortunate to have so many good players who were also good people – Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell, Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Al Bumbry, Rick Dempsey, Eddie Murray … Mike Flanagan is another of those quality people and players. We were priviledged to have him as one of our own.

  221. SWL

    There is now a void within the Orioles family left by the tragic demise of an inspirational ballplayer, a dyanmic pitcher, and extraordinary broadcaster. We will all sorely miss this astounding man. Mike Flanagan made Orioles baseball colorful, and upbeat. He was a rare individual. Deepest sympathies to the Flanagan Family.

  222. Chris

    I never got a chance to meet Flanny, but my father often talked about how he was a complete magician with a baseball. Here’s to Mike Flanagan, a great Oriole and better man. May he always be remembered fondly.

  223. jack haverstick

    I will miss Mike, great Orioles pitcher, exec, and a wonderfully entertaining color man on MASN. Despite this especially rough season, Mike helped to make the games enjoyable with his clever commentary. We will miss Mike greatly. Deepest condolences to Mike’s family. RIP, Mike.

  224. Craig

    I watched Mike Flanagan from the first day he became a pitcher for the Orioles to the last broadcast he did for MASN and every thing he ever did thru the years or any position he ever held for the Orioles organization. I have enjoyed him in every aspect he endeavored. He was a great asset to the Orioles from day one to the last day. He was only 1 year older than myself. I just can not believe it is true still and we miss and we loved him like all the great Orioles. My condolences to his family and friends and to all the Orioles family who cared so much about him. Just a sad time…rest in peace Mike Flanagan.

  225. bandito72ply

    It is a shame when something like this happens to a great person like Flanny. He was a great pitcher and broadcaster and an asset to the Orioles organization. You could tell he really cared about the community and the Orioles themselves. My condolences to your family. RIP.

  226. Jean

    I knew Mike for many years. In additon to his accomplishments as a player, he was, simply put, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He would always take time to stop and say hello or chat for awhile wherever you ran into him – whether at the ballpark, on the street, at the grocery store, or in a hotel lobby on the road. He had that really dry sense of humor that could totally crack you up. I am so grateful that I had the chance to know him. His passing is a great loss to the Orioles family, fans and the Baltimore community as a whole; he will be missed. My condolences to his family.

  227. Joshua

    Flanny made me wish sometimes that I was a southpaw. I wanted to be as to throw that filthy curve ball. RIP #46

  228. Arlene Hermann


    I am saddened by your loss. You are one whose humor made us laugh and smile. You were a great pitcher and will be sorely mi9ssed. If anyone was a great announcer, you were. With your experience as an Oriole, you knew baseball the best. RIP Flanny. Many hugs to your family!!

  229. dshumway

    As I watched him doing Orioles broadcasts it was obvious he truly cared about this team. I am so sorry for that others will never see his passion. I wish my condolences to the Flanagan family and to the Orioles family for this loss.

  230. willycee

    Condolences to the Flanagan family and the Orioles family on the loss of such a beloved member. I am old enough to have watched Flanny over the full 30 years he was with the organization and he was the personification of class and caring. I grieve at his loss and am especially saddened by the idea that he was carrying such pain around and might have felt unwilling or embarrassed to share it. RIP, Flanny.

  231. Brandy

    I grew up watching Flanny and have enjoyed him as a broadcaster over the years. I was so shocked to hear of his untimely passing. Thanks for the memories, Flanny. Prayers to your family and friends. We will miss you. Watching the broadcasts won’t be the same. May you find peace and may your family find some measure of comfort in the time to come.

  232. Retiree

    I saw him before a game at Oriole Park, and started waving like crazy. He gave me a big smile and waved back. What a classy guy. My heart goes out to your family. You will be missed.

  233. Fred

    Oh Flanny, I’m so terribly sorry that you were in such pain. You were part of my childhood along with the other late 70s early 80s players who exemplified the Oriole Way. Rest in peace.

  234. Margaret Ziegler

    Enjoyed Flanny with Gary on the Oriole games. He had a unusual sense of humor, much like myself, and I think that is why he seemed so likeable. His humor was not meant to hurt anyone, just to be taken lightly and enjoyed. I hope he is at peace, and my condolences to his family.

  235. Robert C. Smaldore

    I am Bob Smaldore, and I was at the last game at Memorial Park, where Mike was the final Oriole pitcher at that game. I can still remember the roar of the crowd when Mike strolled to the mound as the final pitcher of the final game that cool September day.. The overwhelming applause of the crowd was a testimonial for the love and affection that the Baltimore fans felt for Mike Flanagan who dedicated his life to baseball.

  236. Scott

    While I didn’t grow up watching you (I was born in 84) I did grow up hearing of your legacy. As one of my favorite broadcasters, you were constantly in my home night after night. You will be sorely missed Flanny and the people of Baltimore will never forget you. I wish life hadn’t dealt you the hand that it did and hope you are in a better place now.

  237. Al Garza

    I am a Texan and have been an Oriole fan for 53 years, since I was 10. I have lived through the “Oriole Way” era that I hope will return someday soon. Mike Flannagan was part of that wonderful era and I remember him as nothing but a class act, great man and a fantastic Oriole. I, like many others, will forever remember you, Mike. We love you and may God bless you and your family. We will miss you!

    • Jody Marie


      I’m a B-more girl born and raised, living in Texas for 11 years now. Are you in the DFW area, by chance? Would love to celebrate opening day with a fellow O’s fan! 🙂
      I have only met a few in the area~ but know there are many because I’ve seen quite a bit of black and orange when the O’s visit The Ballpark.

      p.s. Though I was a fan by proxy for many years, it didn’t become official until last year.

      I started paying more attention to the Rangers franchise when Oates became their manager and after awhile, I considered them a “brother” team and quickly grew fond of the team. (considering how we share players and all) Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez) was my first favorite Ranger. 😉

      They became my surrogate team in 2001 after I moved here. The Ballpark here felt a lot like “home” to me and, by then, I had become attached to quite a few of the players. I felt like a little kid the first game I attended, it was the first time I’d be attending a game where Pudge plays!

      I became an official life-long fan and first-time EVER two team girl when I watched Feliz strike out Rodriguez to take a well-deserved championship away from the Yankees! I owe my loyal to them for all the baseball memories they’ve given me, especially since that game restored the magic of baseball for me! I still get chills when I think of that moment and I hadn’t been so tore up over a moment in more than 10+ years…..I jazzed up and was hugging people for weeks afterward!

      I remember feeling that excited when Flanny was playing for our Orioles family. He will forever be one of my all time heroes.

      I’ve gushed enough—

  238. Richard Carriveau

    For all those Mike touched:

    “When he shall die,
    Take him and cut him out in little stars,
    And he will make the face of heaven so fine
    That all the world will be in love with the night.”
    -Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, 3.2.21-24

    We each have our fond memories of Mike to hold dear, each shining as a star in the night. Remember all the good he did and joy he gave to others. Thank you, Mike. Most sincere condolences to the entire Flanagan family.

  239. Denis Sullivan

    We have been blessed to have had such great players to root for in Baltimore over the years and Mike certainly belongs in that group. But what set Flanny apart is the way he carried himself off the field as well. He cared about people, respected the game and was an Oriole through and through. My heart goes out to him and his family. He will be in my prayers. If they play baseball in heaven, Flanny is on a mound somewhere breaking a curve over home plate in an unhittable spot.

  240. Kathy Shay

    I was at the last game at Memorial Stadium when Flanny pictched. I remember his 79 season and many of the regular games he pitched as well as the 83 games. He was a tribute to himself, the Orioles club and his talents and wit will be missed. They don’t make them any better than he.

  241. Wendy Ellis

    I remember him so well from my childhood. We used to go to games at Memorial Stadium all the time. My Dad caught a foul ball for me and it became my mission to get players to sign it. I remember the night I got Mike Flanagan’s autograph it was me and about 50 boys and Mike walked right over to me, the only girl, grinned, tapped the bill of my prized O’s cap and signed my ball. That ball was also signed by Rick Dempsey, Jim Palmer, Ken Singleton, and Eddie Murray over the years.

    I moved away form Baltimore for a long time but always loved my O’s. When I came back, I was so thrilled to see him calling the games on MASN. Mike could always talk about pitching in a way that helped everyone get it andf he made the games fun with his sense of humor and knowledge and love of the O’s organization. He will be so so missed. Thoughts and prayers to his family, the Orioles family and the MASN family – we all feel your loss. RIP Flanny.

  242. Scott Reid

    Mike Flanagan was and always will be a true Oriole through and though. Thank you for everything you have done to better the Oriole organization and the community in witch we live. We love you and will miss you may god bless you, your family and friends. My prayers are with you all.

  243. Derek

    I remember so many games as kids, going to watch Mike pitch. He was one of the reasons I learned to love baseball. While we may never understand why this happened, I hope that he and his family may find peace in this tragedy. My heart goes out to his family! He will be truly missed!

  244. Richard

    One of my first trips to see a major league game just happened to be a game where Mike was pitching and my Dad and I traveled from a small town in central Virginia to see the Orioles play at the old Memorial Stadium. I will always cherish that memory and and now it becomes even more touching and special.

  245. Alan Tilles

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mike when he attended O’s Fantasy Camp. I once found myself in the middle (literally) of a conversation, surrounded by Flanny, Rick Dempsey, Jim Dwyer and Rich Dauer, and they were trading minor league, Cal Ripken Jr. and Earl Weaver stories. It was undoubtably the time of my life. I was at that last game at Memorial Stadium, and if you look at the video that I shot, you’ll see that the camera shakes as Flanny walks to the mound. I was crying my eyes out and couldn’t hold it still. Thank you, Mike, for giving me so many great baseball memories.

  246. Daniel

    I never saw Flanny pitch, but from clips I’ve seen, and, of course, his stats, I could surmise that he was a great pitcher. And from everything I’ve read he sounds like he was a great man. I have found it hard to even open my internet today because orioles.com is my homepage. Fare thee well, Flanny. I hope you find peace.

  247. Jane Lyter

    We Oriole fans are heart broken, as I am sure are his “family” and friends. I wish I could tell you how deep I feel. Bless The Flanagan’s with our love and support. He was a much loved man and a true Oriole. I have been ana O’s fan for 56 years and our players always seemed to be “classy”. But Flanny was the best in “Classy”. His humor, wit and knowledge will be sorely missed. Thank you Flanny for so many years of loyalty

  248. Steve Higgs

    Thank you Mike for all the great memories & making my life happier. You will be missed very much. You were such a great person & very respected everywhere. You were an Oriole & everything you did for this organization on & off the field is very appreciated. I will always remember you. RIP MIke. My thoughts & prayers go out to your family. Much Love Mike.

  249. Regina DePase

    Mike Flanagan was a great guy and baseball player. My favorite memory of him was when the o’s would hit homers and Flanny would always say “It’s going, going, gone!” and that is what i like about him is that he says that 4 both teams no matter who is winning. Flanny would always make people laugh and i know that i am going 2 miss him along with the o’s.

  250. John McDade

    Such a tragedy… Mike Flanagan was more then just a baseball personality and was a great member of our community. I will continue to be a big fan. My condolences goes out to his wife and daughters as well as the Oriole’s family in general.

  251. Robert Blitzstein

    The great Oriole moments you help provide will be remembered always. I wept when I heard of your passing, you are missed. May your family be comforted in their sorrow.

  252. John T.

    I will miss Mike Flanagan, he was an awesome guy. I always loved to watch him pitch because I too am a Left Hand Thrower. I will cherish the memories of meeting him for an Autograph and saying Hello to him, he was always a kind mannered Guy and a pleasure to be around. I will miss him dearly and will miss his Commentary when calling the games because he will tell his stories of how he would mentor some of the young Pitchers and u can tell in his voice that he Loved to pass on his experiences as A Pitcher. We Love you Mike!

  253. scott

    I loved watching flanny pitch and tried to imitate him as a kid. It was wonderful to be in Memorial stadium for the last game and see him finish the game. A class act – it should have ended differently – you will be missed.

  254. David N. Taylor

    A hero from my boyhood, Mike Flanagan was one of the great gentlemen of the game and an exemplar of The Oriole Way. Because of guys like Flanny, I always felt the Orioles really were the Good Guys, champions we could be proud of on and off the field. Deep, deep grief on his passing, but equally profound gratitude for his life and the many happy memories he made for all of us. In our hearts, we remember Mike Flanagan on the pitcher’s mound for the final game at Memorial Stadium, recording the last out, giving us one last victory, representing everything good about the hometown team — and the Great American Game — we love. God rest his soul. We love you, Mike!

  255. Lenroc

    I was so sad to hear about Mike’s passing. He was a unique and special man. A small part of all Orioles fans also passed away when Mike left us. I spent a few hours last night looking at his Rookie Baseball Card, and going through the stats on the back. I will never forget him. Thank You Mike for everything that you did !!

  256. Jan Hayden

    A gentleman through and through. If you saw Mike on the Club Level, he would take the time to say “Hi” or simply wave and smile. I’m at a lost for words to express how blessed I am as an O’s fan since 1954 to have a person like Mike Flanagan be an Oriole from his head to his toes. My prayers go out to his family and know that he will not be forgotten. Thanks for the memories.

  257. Jonathan Bryan

    I was a junior in high school when he won the Cy Young Award. I remember that ’79 year pretty well, and it was magical. It was the birth year of Oriole’s magic. Eddie may have been “Steady Eddie” with the bat, but Mike was steady Flanny with the ball. You always knew what you would get from him; every time.

    Flanny, thanks for your heart, your passion, your dedication, your loyalty, your integrity, your effort, and your humanity. We won’t forget you, but we will miss you.

  258. Jeff Travis

    My father was an air force officer, who when I was in second grade was assigned to Andrews. From the first moment there I developed a lifelong love of the Orioles. In 1978 we moved to KC, which left me feeling horrible. To try and feel connected to the team, I would write letters to my favorite players. I don’t know how many letters I wrote over the next few seasons. But I do know two things: one, Jim Palmer owes me either a belated autograph or back postage on a dozen unanswered letters; and, Mike Flanagan was the first Oriole to respond to me. I still possess the hand written note and the accompanying autographed official headshot photo. I beamed for weeks from that simple correspondence.

    By odd coincidence, I was traveling for work and staying in Manchester, NH Wednesday night when the news came across. I remembered as a kid feeling that he, probably because of the moustache, seemed so adult like out there. But yesterday when seeing the cap tipping image MASN used, I was so struck by, now as a 45 year old, how young he looked back then. And that made me even more sad. I wish he had found more peace here. He will always hold a special place for me, as person who held up their end in understanding how one can be revered by a young kid, and to respect that.

    • Lorayne

      wow … that you were here in Manchester that night is amazing. Knowing his family here, I am not at all surprised that he wrote to you. thanks for sharing that bit of his history.

  259. Carl

    I remember Mike most of all for his delightful wit in the broadcast booth with Gary Thorne. Together they made a team that always enhanced our enjoyment of the games. Thank you, Mike, for all that you have done for the Orioles, and for all the happy times you brought those of us who listened to your broadcasts.and laughed along with you and Gary. We will miss you, Mike!

  260. Steph

    I was two years old when the Orioles came to town and grew up an Orioles fan. Flanny was a shining example of the Orioles’ Way, a member of the golden years of the team. He will be sorely missed. My prayers for Mike and the members of his family. He was a good man.

  261. Ann Duran

    My sincerest condolences to the Flanagan family on Mike’s passing. I always enjoyed his commentary on the games, his professional, kind, demeanor and wit. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace!

  262. rob in SD

    I think what makes everyone so sad about this is not that he was a great athlete, or that he was a Cy Young winner or that he excelled on the field as a player and off it as executive. Those things are nice. They’re why we know who he is. What makes us ache, I think, is the humility he exuded despite those accomplishments. It’s his humility along with his dry humor and wit. They made him feel familiar, down to earth. As an announcer, they made him feel like you were listening to a friend talk. We didn’t know him. But he had the unique ability to make us all feel like we did. And so we welcomed him into our living rooms, always remembering his on-field abilities, always admiring his Sisyphean efforts to turn around an un-turn-around-able franchise. Now, too, we will always miss him.

  263. Terry

    I saw Flanagan pitch in quite few games at Memorial Stadium. If the term “quality start” wasn’t invented for him it should have been. I don’t ever remember seeing him give less than a 100% effort, even if he didn’t have his best stuff that day. I was most impressed – and still am – with his play in 1983, when it looked like he might have an even better year than his 1979 Cy Young Award season. If memory serves he was 5-0 when he suffered the knee injury that plagued him the rest of the year. He still managed to win 12 games that season, the majority of them with that clunky 4-pound leg brace. I never saw a gutsier season-long performance, before or since. When he started doing color commentary on MASN I grew accustomed to having him in my living room almost every week. Palmer does an excellent job, but I’m going to miss the game to game contrast between Palmer and Flanny. But those who knew him will miss him many times more. My heart is heavy for Flanagan’s wife, kids and friends.

  264. Jason Polzer

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Flanagan last year at the Yard and today I couldn’t be anymore honored I got the chance. He was the definition of a true Baltimore Oriole. He was the kind of man that people could model themselves after. Noone knows why he took his own life and to be honest its not important. Cherish the memories , the laughter and the man that gave his all to this organization. Rest In Peace #46

  265. Joe Musso

    How spoiled we were growing up Oriole fans. Our system was the envy of every organization. The Birds flew “The Oriole Way”. The past decade has taken its toll on all of us. Flanny, you quietly shouldered the burden that we all feel. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you as the Orioles always have been for me. I feel a very personal loss and much guilt. God Bless You Flanny.

  266. Dan Solomon

    Orange and Black blood has run thru my vains for 30 years. This week has reminded me of how important the Orioles are in my life. A piece of the “Oriole Way” has died with Flanny. I’m hopeful that this tragedy brings the Oriole family closer together……and back to the glorious place that Flanny devoted his life toward reaching.

  267. RJ

    As a long-time Yankee fan, I couldn’t help rooting against,and later cheering for a credit to the game like Mike Flanagan. He was what’s right with the game. All baseball fans now suffer from and are saddened by his passing. May God Bless him.

  268. Al

    Flanny represented the heart and soul of the Orioles organization and epitomized the “Oriole Way” that made the franchise the best in baseball. As a fan I am blessed to say that I saw Mike pitch several times. He was a battler and a gamer who truly knew the art of pitching. He will be sorely missed by everone who knew him. My prayers and condolences to all his family and friends.

  269. Ginny

    I remember watching you pitch. I was so happy when you came back to the O’s. You will be missed. My heart goes out to your family.

  270. Lisa

    You will be missed. Not only by your family but by all of your fans. You were a great ball player but more than that, you were a hugh part of the Baltimore Orioles.

  271. kevin muniz

    One of my childhood heroes. RIP Mike…I will miss him and the memories he gave me as a child.

    Kevin Muniz

    Lifelong O’s fan since 66.

  272. Grammy

    Such a sad loss..so devistating. Hopefully you will have the peace you were seeking. such a tragedy and I am sure we all wish you could have shared with someone whatever it was you were going thru so you wouldn’t have had to take your own life as reported. God Bless you and your family during this difficult time. May the lord always keep you in the palm of his hand. You did so much for the orioles thank you for your dedication. You will be missed more than you could ever imagine. I hope you knew in your life how much your fans loved you and appreciated you. You will go down in the history books as one of the great ones…god bless

  273. J.D. Jackson

    I’m 28 years old. For every year that I’ve been alive except for 3 of them, Mike Flanagan was a Baltimore Oriole. When I think of people that represented the Orioles in my lifetime, it was always Cal and Flanny. It’s devastating that Flanny’s gone. I’ve never cried more over the loss of someone I never had the opportunity to meet personally than I did upon hearing of his passing. That I suffer from depression and have survived suicide attempts made this hit home even harder for me. I know how that feels when you feel like you can’t pull yourself off of the mat anymore. I only wish that Flanny knew how highly regarded he was, how much he was cherished by the Orioles family, and how important he was to so many people. He was one of a kind.

    When Rex Barney died, Flanny said, “You can’t ever be prepared for something like that. Some guys are just always supposed to be there.”

    Mike, you were always supposed to be here.

  274. Jessica

    While I never got to see him play, I grew up listening to him call the games. I always enjoyed his commentary and analysis and my heart broke with the news. May God bless him and his family.

  275. Bruch

    Belanger, Cal Sr., Elrod, Memorial Stadium, Ernie Tyler, and now Flanny; it seems that sadly, we’re losing the “Greatest Generation” of Orioles. Thanks Mike, for all that you meant to we fans – I wished that you’d known that before.

  276. Chaz

    I have been an O’s fan since I was younger and I never met Mike but from what I hear from other O’s fans and former players is that Mike was a quiet but very personal guy I know his place in O’s history is well deserved the truth is my generation now a days does not know the importance of the starting pitcher because their role has diminished over the years. Mike was a model of consistency rarely seen in today’s game of his 310 career games pitched 101 of those were complete games a tremendous feat in addition he also won the 1979 Cy Young winning 23 games in that memorable 79′ season which we lost a classic series to the Pirates. I have enjoyed his broadcasts on MASN his insight and his quick wit were enjoyable and one of a kind he was an Oriole thru and thru I have been a die-hard fan since 1996 when Cal was still an Oriole I respect the legacy of former O’s and their desire to turn a once formidable franchise back into a winner and Flanny was a part of that despite it being a suicide it still does not diminish Flanny’s importance to our franchise and his accomplishments in an O’s uniform! Go O’s RIP Flanny

  277. Andrew (CC)

    Flanny, you were here too briefly but you spent your time as well as anyone ever will. The Orioles, MASN, baseball, all of us won’t be the same without you. Rest Easy.

  278. Byron

    I feel like I loss a long time friend. Flanny represented the Orioles at a time when they were an outstanding organization and he served them proud. Flanny was a loyal Oriole through it all and he will be missed by family and fans! God rest his soul and bring peace to his family. May he always be remembered for his great contributions to the City of Baltimore and the Orioles. Condolence and best wishes to his family.

  279. Marty Nicholson

    Mike Flanagan, like others, represented “The Oriole Way” both on and off the diamond. Seeing him strike out two Tigers in the top of the ninth inning on the day Memorial Stadium was closed is a great memory. The game – well out of reach for the O’s – was topped off by his appearance. Our hearts go out to his family. RIP, Flanny!

  280. A

    An Oriole through and through. Mike Flanagan lived and breathed Orioles baseball, the way many fans of other teams can only wish their players would. I am too young to have seen the Orioles win with Flanagan, but my parents have told me story after story of the “good old days” of O’s baseball, and his role in it. He leaves behind shoes that will probably never be filled. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  281. C. Anderson

    Very sad to hear this unfortunate news. He leaves behind so many people that love him by all the glowing memories that we are hearing. I remember watching him as an Oriole from the front row behind the Oriole dug out. Those were the days, the Orioles ruled the AL East. I just hope he never really thought that he was blamed for the failure of the Orange and black, that falls on the shoulders of Peter Angelos solely. There was nothing Mike Flanagan could of done to turn this club around. My condolences to his wife and children.

  282. Pastor Joe

    Mike Flanagan will always be an Oriole legend. He truly loved “the Oriole Way” and always strived to get them back there. Many teams are never blessed with Robinson’s, Ripken’s, Powell’s, Palmer’s,Dempsey’s and Flanagan’s that always brag on their home town and team. Mike Flanagan was the only Oriole to attend Wild Bill Hagy’s memorial service and share memories from 33rd street. He was a friend to many and will be missed by all. May God Bless and comfort his dear family in the days ahead.

    • Wayne Kaiser

      Pastor Joe…
      I just got onto this site to enter my thoughts about Flanny, and saw your comment. My, it’s been a while, but I am forever grateful to you for your participitation in Wild Bill’s memorial service. I have been meaning to contact you, but we all know where the road of good intentions leads us. I promise that I will get in touch…God insists.

      Bless you, sir…
      Wayne Kaiser

  283. Dave Johnson

    We lost a great man this week in Mike Flanagan. Our hearts hurt so bad because he was a great man. My sincere condolences go out to Mike’s wife Alex, daughters Kerry, Kathryn, Kendell and to all Mike’s teammates, family, friends, and fans who enjoyed watching him. Now he is heaven and the Good Lord himself will take great care of him like he does everyone else that makes it up there. We will all miss Mike Flanagan R.I.P.

  284. Chris

    I never met him, but his friendly banter with Gary Thorne and his witty insights on Orioles’ broadcasts always brought a smile to my face, and made me think he must bring a lot of happiness to those around him. While no one is perfect, he seemed pretty wonderful. I know this time must be unimaginably hard for his family, but I hope they know that we are holding them in our thoughts and in our prayers as we go forward. We will not forget him, or them, or the many great memories he brought to us as fans of the Orioles and of the game.

    I pray for your peace, Mike. And I pray that your family does not have to go through this alone. Know that we’re thinking of you.

    • Venita Gorneau

      Norm, you expressed my thoughts completely. I have prayed for Gary Thorn as well. The relationship Gary shared with Mike was exceptional. I can only imagine how Gary must be feeling. It is sad to realize that Mike’s self-esteem was centered on what others thought of him. I wish I had been able to tell him how great he really was. Venita

  285. Mary

    So very, very sad…I saw him pitch, cried when he went to Toronto, happy when he returned, thought it was great when he was a pitching coach, executive and color commentator. He was a part of this community. I wish he would have realized how much he was loved not just by his family and friends, but so many fans. So broken hearted for his daughters, family and friends. Such a horrible tragedy. RIP.

  286. Howard Kraft

    As an O’s fan since 1966 I want to say that Mike was one of the finest men to play for this team or ANY team. He was always willing to sign an autograph and always made himself available for charity visits within the community. To his wife, Alez, and the three girls I send my condulences and he and you wil be forever in my prayers.

  287. Diane

    I was so sad to hear about Mike. I worked in the Orioles Organization in the late 70s when he was there and we were in the World Series. I remember him and his wife and how nice they both were. Sympathies and prayers for his wife, daughters and oither family and friends.

  288. Scott

    I’m going to miss Flanny. He was part of my childhood and into adulthood. He was a great player, executive and broadcaster. He did everything he could to turn the Orioles around. Mike cared about the Orioles and Baltimore. I never got a chance to meet him though he was my favorite Oriole pitcher. I have great memories how he would shut down the Yankees and Red Sox. I will always remember the 1979 and 1983 World Series where he was dominant. He will be missed

  289. Nanc

    I am devastated,,,for Mike, his family and all of us who have been die hard O’s fans forever. He will be truly missed. Mike—the “79 O’s season, for me, was the best.
    Section 34, the team spirit and your Cy Young award. We’ll miss your sense of humor while calling the games. Find peace and we pray for your family.

  290. Emily

    I was so sorry to hear this news and so was my 7 year old son. He is a major O’s fan and reads anything and everything about the orioles and has watched every documentary the library has, so he is very familiar with Mike Flanagan’s place in orioles history.A couple of weeks ago, we were at CamdenYards for a Junior Orioles Dugout Game. After the game, our boys were lined up outside waiting to run the bases and we saw Mr. Flanagan walk out to leave. My son was so excited, maybe even more excited than when he got JJ Hardy’s autograph, and yelled, “Hi,Mike!”. Just like he knew him! I hope it will make his family and friends smile to know how special he was to fans of all ages-including little boys who never actually got to see him pitch in person!

  291. Larry Shults

    I met him after a game at the Kingdome in Seattle. Was really quiet until I mentioned his daughter who was one of the first “test tube” babies. He glowed after that and even let me try on his ’83 World Series ring! As one of the few O’s fans in Oregon, his passing is a tragedy.

    • Sharon Hunt

      This originally from Bawlmer Merlin girl is another O’s fan in (McMinnville)Oregon (who watches their games on MLB.tv on my iPad) devastated by his death.


  292. Sanford

    My heart breaks with thousands of others. Memories will endure forever. “Time Will Not Dim the Glory of Their Deeds.”


  293. Lance

    I wasn’t a baseball fan yet when he played, but I sure enjoyed his commentary. An Oriole all the way, he will certainly be missed by many. My condolences to his friends and family.

    • John Picone

      I wish his family the best during this most difficult of times. Flanigan played in Rochester in the 70’s and lived on a childhood friend of mine’s on Elmcroft Drive in Southeast part of Rochester. I believe he met his wife here in Rochester but I am not sure. He was one of my favorite all-time Orioles and I loved that he continued to be a part of the Oriole family for years after his playing days were over. God Bless and you will be missed but the memories will carry on Flanny!


    • JBC

      As a long time Oriole Fans the loss of Mike Flanagan is just so very sad. He was the ORIOLES! My husband and I were in London when we read the news in the USA Today and we just couldn’t believe it. Our prayers and thoughts are with his wife and daughters. Fondly, Jeanne & Bob Crane

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